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Young Artist Nomination

Young Artist Nomination Process

Are you an art teacher* with an exceptionally gifted K–12 student you would like to nominate for the Arts & Activities Young Artist feature?

If the answer is yes, please submit the following:

1)  A cover letter with your name, personal and professional email addresses, home address and telephone number, as well as the name, address and phone number of your school, and the position you hold there.

2)  Eight to 12 examples of creative work in the form of clear, well-focused high-resolution digital photos (at least 300 ppi/dpi and no less than 8″ x 10″ in size) on a DVD or CD-ROM. You may send the original artworks if good photos are unobtainable on your end (all originals will be returned).

It is important to include a variety of media — sculpture/3-D work, ceramics, fiber art, painting, pastel work, ink drawing, color pencil drawing (graphite pencil is often too light), printmaking, collage, etc. Too much of the same medium may lead to our having to decline a nomination.

3)  Captions for all art, identifying the media used and the dimensions of the art. If there are titles for the works, please include these as well.

4)  A personal statement written by the student of no more than 100 words.

5)  The student’s handwritten signature (first name only) in black ink on blank, unlined white paper.

6)  A clear, well-focused hi-res photo of the student.

7)  A signed release from the student’s parent or guardian giving permission for his/her image and artwork to be published in Arts & Activities magazine.

Send nomination materials via email, Dropbox, CD-ROM or flash drive to:

Editor Maryellen Bridge
Arts & Activities Magazine
12345 World Trade Drive, San Diego, CA  92128
[email protected]


To download a PDF version of the Arts & Activities Student Art Release Form
>>Click here

To Download A PDF of the Artist Nomination Process
>>Click Here

* Nominations are accepted from art teachers only; those from parents/relatives or students themselves will not be considered.

Note: Flash drives will be returned if SASE is provided.