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Writer’s Guidelines | Arts & Activities

Writer’s Guidelines

How to Submit Materials for Publication

If you would like to submit a successful lesson plan for review and possible publication, here are “essential ingredients” and tips.

Please include the following:

1)  A cover letter with your name, personal and professional email addresses, home address and telephone number, as well as the name, address and phone number of your school, and the position you hold there.

2)  A good selection of high-resolution digital images of student artwork (and process shots if you wish). These should be at least 5″ x 7″ in size at 300 ppi/dpi, but larger is better. For images to be considered for the cover, photos MUST be at least 11″ x 17″ at 300 ppi.

3)   Explanatory captions for all photos. Include signed photo releases from students’ parents or guardians. (downloadable form available below.)

4)   Side bars containing your lesson’s Motivation, Materials (Resources and Vocabulary also, if applicable), Learning Objectives, and the National Visual Art Standards (2014 update). If applicable, also include any Common-Core connections, “Essential Questions,” “Big Ideas,” and/or “Enduring Understandings.”

5)   An engaging introductory paragraph or two (the “hook”) with the “who, what, where, why, when” of the lesson, and what time of the school year you generally present the lesson to your students.

6)   A narrative, conversational-style description of the lesson itself in the middle of the manuscript (sequence of events/lesson, the children’s reactions and comments along the way, problems that came up for the students and how they were resolved, your observations, etc.).

7)   An ending that wraps the whole thing up with a bit of encouragement and advice to other teachers, and how the idea might be used with students in different grades, and any extension possibilities.

8)   Generally, a length of 600 to 1,000 words for the body text is desired. Please have a friend or colleague read your manuscript to offer editing advice before sending it to us.

Send your materials via email, Dropbox, CD-ROM or flash drive to:

Editor Maryellen Bridge
Arts & Activities Magazine
12345 World Trade Drive, San Diego, CA  92128
[email protected]

To download a PDF version of the Arts & Activities Student Art Release Form
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To Download A PDF of A&A Writer’s Guidelines
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Note: Flash drives will be returned if SASE is provided.