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Online Extras / December 2011 | Arts & Activities
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Online Extras / December 2011


Additional Links for December 2011

Tapping Ancient Roots: Plaited Paper Baskets (page 16)
The following resources are related to this article:

Harvey, V.I. “The Techniques of Basketry.” University of Washington Press, 1986.

LaPlantz, S. “Plaited Basketry: The Woven Form.” Press De LaPlantz, Inc., 1982.

Jensen, E. “Baskets from Nature’s Bounty.” Interweave Press, Inc., 1991.

LaFerla, J. “Making the New Baskets: Alternative Materials, Simple Techniques.”
Sterling Publishing. 2000.

Yarish, V., Hoppe, F. and Widess, J. “Plaited Basketry with Birch Bark.”
Sterling Publishing. 2009.

Clip & Save Art Print, “El Jaleo,” John Singer Sargent (page 19-22)
For additional biographical information on John Singer Sargent, visit: http://www.nga.gov/exhibitions/horo_sargent.shtm

To view the portrait of Madame Pierre Gautreau–commonly known
as “Madame X”–visit:

A video of flamenco dancing may be seen at:

View examples of Sargent’s sketches from an 1879 trip to Spain: http://jssgallery.org/paintings/el_jaleo.htm

A lesson plan using mannequins to teach drawing to children can be found at: http://www.projectarticulate.org/lessons/gestureFigureDrawing.pdf

Share the gesture drawing found at the website,

A quick tutorial on gesture drawing can be found at:

Show students online examples of Sargent’s sketches of Spanish dancers: http://jssgallery.org/paintings/el_jaleo.htm

View Sargent’s preliminary study for “El Jaleo”: http://sketchplanet.blogspot.com/2011/06/dance-performance-and-theatre-by.html

Winter Birch Trees (page 26)
Visit these Web pages, which are related to this article:




Artist Trading Cards: Connecting with Other Communities (page 28)
The following are resources related to this article:




Berlin, B. and Berlin, B. “Artist Trading Card Workshop: Create. Collect. Swap.” F+W Media, Inc., 2006.


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