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Online Extra December 2018 | Arts & Activities
Nov 2018

Online Extra December 2018


Additional Links for December 2018

Stepping Stones: Introducing New Fiber Arts Projects (page 8)
Click here  to view Heidi O’Hanley’s December 2017 article, “Abstract Felt Designs Inspired by Wasso;u Kandinsky”

Yearlong Secondary Art Curriculum, Article 4 of 10: Wonderful Weavings (page 12)
View/Download the “Wonderful Weavings” lesson plan.

Matisse Fishbowls (page 14)
Click here to view Henri Matisse’s painting, “Goldfish”

Click here to download the Templates mentioned in the article

Weaving Abstract Art Into Your Curriculum (page 18)
Click here to view artworks by Frank Stella

A&A Art Print: Unknown Artist, “Quilt Top, Crazy Pattern” (page 19–22)


To see the whole lecture by William Morris, which includes the quote,  click here

See two different examples of Japanese ceramics with crackled or “crazed” glazes:
Example 1
Example 2

Click here to view a site that has a huge selection of crazy quilts, each with its unique design

To read more about the history and aesthetics of crazy quilts click here

Alive and Kicking: Our Block Party (page 23)
Click here to view this project’s inspiration, “Blockparty,” by Corinne Savoy

Resist Fabric Dyeing Inspired by “Black Panther” (page 28)

View a video of Ruth E. Carter discussing how the “Black Panther” costumes she designed were inspired by African tribes:

Learn about “Afrofuturism”
Article 1
Article 2

To view art work by Aaron Douglas click here

Click here to access a teacher resource about artist Aaron Douglas, from the Spencer the Museum of Art’s education department



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