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Jul 2015

Marketing & Media Data



Arts & Activities is the best possible way for you to reach a large percentage of these potential customers on a regular basis. Arts & Activities is used by classroom teachers, art supervisors and other administrative personnel concerned with teaching art at kindergarten through high-school levels, as well as at colleges and universities where the magazine is used as a resource in teacher preparation and in-service training. It is also used for public and private art-therapy activities, and in libraries.

Increase Brand Awareness
Nationwide, 80,000 people are involved in art instruction, according to the National Art Education Association. These instructors rely on advertisers — like you — for new materials and ideas that will help them in their job of teaching art.


Readership Analysis

Total Instructional 69%
Elementary 37%
Secondary 27%
Universities 5%
Superintendents/Supervisors/Directors or Ed Boards  6%
Libraries  5%
College art-education students  2%
Others related to field  9%

Average Business/Occupational Analysis of Arts & Activities’ PAID circulation for a given month. Percentages will vary slightly with each semi-annual ABC audit.

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Audiences perceive special-interest advertising differently than general advertising. Our subscription-only based circulation guarantees your sales message will be seen by qualified, interested art educators, where 95% of our readers find your ads useful in making buying decisions. Plus, 81% of our readers share their copy of Arts & Activities with up to 4 people, greatly multiplying your ad’s exposure to an enthusiastic audience through tremendous pass-along readership.

List Rentals
Arts & Activities offers active subscribers, recent expires and hot-line names for rental on a one-time basis. The names are active educators, 100% direct-mail generated. For more information, contact the Arts & Activities List Manager at (858) 605.0231.

Up to 96% of Arts & Activities readers have direct influence on art-product purchasing decisions. Add over 3.5 million art students and you will see that each ad you place in Arts & Activities really does have selling power.


The Arts & Activities subscribers are professional educators who look to our editorial and advertising pages every month for fresh ideas, products and programs to use in their teaching environments.

Product Information
The monthly department, “Shop Talk,” introduces products and services in an editorial format. Those submitting materials are requested to furnish copy and hi-res digital photos with captions.

Media Reviews
Recent releases in print, DVD, CD-ROM, software and other visual resources are highlighted in the monthly review column. Non-returnable review copies of new material are requested.

Buyer’s Guide
Arts & Activities provides a FREE listing of your company in the annual Buyer’s Guide (January) and Guide to Summer Ordering (June). These directories contain a comprehensive listing of manufacturers and distributors of art and craft supplies, equipment and resources, as well as schools and publishers specializing in art education.

Special Ad Sections
Arts & Activities magazine features special advertising sections throughout the publication year. These include Clay Corner, Web Site Showcase, Marketplace Showcase and Schools & Summer Art Experiences.


An ad in Arts & Activities is seen by a loyal readership of active, qualified professionals in the art-education field. They include curriculum directors, principals, supervisors, librarians, art teachers and a bonus market of college and university students who are pursuing careers as art educators.

Readers involved in actual instruction account for the majority of all circulation with close to equal distribution between secondary- and elementary-school levels. Approximately 7% are involved in university- or college-level activities. The balance of the circulation is made up of supervisory-administrative personnel, art directors and art-curriculum coordinators.

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