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Cross the Continents with Wyland | Arts & Activities
Jul 2016

Cross the Continents with Wyland

Cross the Continents with Wyland

Plan now to participate in the annual “Water is Life” Mural and Art Challenge, being held this year during
October 1st through December 1st.

FOR DETAILS VISIT: www.wylandfoundation.org/artchallenge

For art teachers who think big, the Wyland Foundation and Arts & Activities magazine encourage you to sign your classes up for the annual Wyland National “Water is Life” Mural and Art Challenge.

The fall campaign, Oct. 1–Dec.1, is a powerful opportunity for students to discover the latest issues relating to our environment and to collaborate on a large-scale mural project over a two-month period.

More than 4,900 students in 28 states took part in last year’s climate change–themed campaign, which challenged them to explore the climatic forces that shape the planet’s coasts and marine systems.

The campaign followed on the heels of marine life artist and conservationist Wyland’s summer travels from the South Pacific to the Arctic to explore the impact of climate change on equatorial island nations that are under threat from rising sea levels.

“The idea behind this art challenge is to get students to broaden their understanding of the issues that affect our marine environment,” Wyland said. “It is as much about the exploration that occurs through research and discussion as it is about the ultimate creation of the art itself. It is a process of inquiry, discussion and sharing ideas to come up with a visual representation of the issue being explored. In the end, we hope what the students create can become a focal point for further discussion for communities around the nation.”


2015 Individual Seventh-Grade Winner (tie): Angela Trozzo. “Diving Sea Otter.”



2015 Individual Fifth-Grade Winner: Dawson Pan, “Water Is Life.”



2015 Grades K–4 Classroom Mural winner: Hanalei Elementary School, Hanalei, Hawaii.



2015 Grades 5–8 Classroom Mural winner: Dunbar Creative and Performing Arts Magnet School, Mobile, Alabama.



2015 Grades 9-12 Classroom Mural winner: Walton High School, Marietta, Georgia.


The theme for 2016, “Crossing the Continents,” will encourage young artists to discover the ocean-going heritage of people around the world. The campaign is inspired by the Polynesian Voyaging Society’s global transoceanic journey aboard the Hokulea, a 13-person canoe whose crew uses ancient seafaring techniques, using only the stars and elements to navigate a 40,000-mile journey around the world.

The challenge is open to students of all ages throughout the United States. There is no cost to participate. Classes are encouraged to create their mural on any 5 foot by 10 foot surface. However, the Wyland Foundation and its partners provide large format 50-square foot classroom canvases to the first 100 classes that pre-register.

Supplemental activities include lesson plans and activities for teachers in support of the annual theme. An individual art contest for grades K–12 is held concurrently with the classroom mural contest. Awards for winning schools include cash and art supplies from Michael’s Arts & Crafts Stores.

The contest is presented annual in partnership with Toyota, Fredrix Artist Canvas, Arts & Activities magazine, Marco Fine Arts, and Michael’s Arts & Crafts Stores.

For information and to see past winners of the annual campaign, visit www.wylandfoundation.org/artchallengeAAENDSIGN

Steve Creech is executive director of the Wyland Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit public charity that promotes a healthy ocean and waterways through public art programs, classroom science education, and live events.




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