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Jan 2019



Art is at the Core offers tips on integrating for visual art teachers and teachers of other subjects. Arts-integrated lessons offer students the opportunity to meet objectives in art disciplines and other subjects. Arts integration strengthens traditional core classes, but does not replace art-specific courses.
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Choice-Based Art classrooms are working studios where students learn through authentic art making. Control shifts from teacher to learner as students explore ideas and interests in art media of their choice.
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Stepping Stones is a monthly column that breaks down seemingly daunting tasks into simple, manageable “steps” that any art educator can take and apply directly to their classroom. Stepping Stones will explore a variety of topics and share advice for art-on-a-cart teachers and those with art rooms.
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Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers is a monthly column that taps into sharing your ideas. Whether you are a veteran, or a new teacher ready to take on the art world, here you can find teaching tips and ideas that have worked for others.
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Jerry_775Random Thoughts … about Art and Education is a monthly column in the viewpoint seen through the eyes of Jerry Hausman

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A Theme-Based Yearlong Curriculum
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