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Random Thoughts … / September 2016

Random Thoughts … About Art and Education THE SOCIETY OF MIND by Jerome J. Hausman Marvin Minsky, a pioneer of artificial intelligence, died in January 2016. He, along with his colleague Seymour Papert, was at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. They did much to develop our understanding of computers and their connections with the learning […]

Random Thoughts … / March 2016

Random Thoughts … About Art and Education EVALUATION by Jerome J. Hausman We are all engaged in “evaluation” in everyday affairs: How am I doing? What’s the score? Am I on track? How do I rate? Evaluation involves making judgments based on information, observations, expectations, hopes, desires, etc. We make use of particular values or […]

Random Thoughts … / February 2016

Random Thoughts … About Art and Education UH OH, I MADE A MISTAKE by Jerome J. Hausman Over the years, there have been so many times I’ve observed a student stop drawing after making only a single mark. Looking at a virtually blank space, he or she typically says, “Uh oh, I made a mistake.” […]

Random Thoughts … / November 2015

Random Thoughts … About Art and Education INVENTION AND CREATIVITY by Jerome J. Hausman Each of us is born into the world at a particular time, in a particular place. How remarkable life can be! Like a seed planted into a specific context, there are certain potentials that are then reconciled, nurtured or repelled in […]