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Additional Links for February 2017   Art is at the Core: Janet Fish (page10) Here are some questions to ask students when viewing art: http://tinyurl.com/QuestionsForLookingAtArt View artworks by Janet Fish: https://www.pinterest.com/artsactivities/janet-fish/ Yearlong Art II Curriculum, Lesson 6 of 10: Theme and Variation  (page 12) View/download: Lesson Plan 6 of 10 Evaluation Sheet A&A Art Print: Follower […]

Additional Links for January 2017 Yearlong Art II Curriculum, Lesson 5 of 10: Still-Life Series  (page 12) View/download: Lesson Plan 5 of 10 Evaluation Sheet Alive and Kicking: Local Love  (page 16) Visit artist Santos Orellana’s website: https://theartofsantos.com/ Watch a video of the mural being created by Santos and student helpers: View Santos’ “Alfabetismo (Literacy)” series, mentioned […]

Additional Links for December 2016   Art is at the Core: Theora Hamblett  (page 10) View Theora Hamblett’s painting, “My Old Home Place”: http://art.state.gov/exhibitimg.ashx?img=Dar+es+Salaam+2006%5cMyOldHomePlace.jpg Integrating the Curriculum, Quadrilateral Nutcrackers: Math + Art + Holidays = Fun Learning for Kids!  (page 12) Download a list of the Common Core Math Standards related to this lesson CLICK HERE […]

Additional Links for November 2016 Yearlong Art II Curriculum: Where the Technical Meets the Creative / Lesson 3 of 10, “CreatIng with Charcoal”  (page 12) View/download: Lesson Plan 3 of 10 Evaluation Sheet THE VALUES OF OUR FLAG  (page 14) View/download: The Value Guesstimator PAST/PRESENT PRINTMAKING MASHUP  (page 16) View more work by design company, Team Manila:  […]