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  Links for February 2019 Art Is at the Core: Barrington Watson, “Conversation” (page 7) View more of Barrington Watson’s art Yearlong Secondary Art Curriculum, Article 6 of 10: Clay Vessels (page 10) View/Download  the “Clay Vessels” lesson plan and the Study Guide Peeps of the World, Unite: Decorative Peephole Plugs for the Classroom Kiln […]

  Links for January 2019 Yearlong Secondary Art Curriculum, Article 5 of 10: Pop-Up Art History (page 8) View/Download the “Pop-Up Art History” lesson plan. Contemporizing Famous Masterpieces (page 10) Visit Adam Lister’s Instagram account and website to see more of his work View related masterworks: “The Son of Man” (1946), Rene Magritte “Girl with a […]

Additional Links for December 2018 Stepping Stones: Introducing New Fiber Arts Projects (page 8) Click here  to view Heidi O’Hanley’s December 2017 article, “Abstract Felt Designs Inspired by Wasso;u Kandinsky” Yearlong Secondary Art Curriculum, Article 4 of 10: Wonderful Weavings (page 12) View/Download the “Wonderful Weavings” lesson plan. Matisse Fishbowls (page 14) Click here to view Henri […]

  Additional Links for November 2018 Yearlong Secondary Art Curriculum, Article 3 of 10: Who Am I? Relief Sculptures (page 12) View/Download “Who Am I? Relief Sculptures” lesson plan Gyotaku: Fish Prints with First Grade (page 14) Learn how to do a basic gyotaku fish print: Learn about the history of gyotaku, the ancient Japanese art […]