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Yearlong Secondary Art Curriculum, Article 9 of 10: Indoor Sculpture Garden (page 8) View/Download the lesson plan 3D Art is Dino-Mite! (page 10)View the YouTube demonstration mentioned in the articleVisit the “Dinosaur Database” for photos and information about dinosaurs Integrating the Curriculum: Magnanimous Beetles (page 14)View the “Bountiful Beetles” lesson planView the Five E Model […]

Your Peep needs to be made of ceramic clay, lowfire cone 06-04, mid range cone 4–7, or high fire clay cone 10, fired and functional (any fired clay). It must fit into a peephole’s opening (1.25-inch opening tapering to 0.75 of an inch). The tapered part of the plug should be about 1.75 to 2 […]