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Jun 2015
Bathing Beauties

When the National Gallery of Canada held a Lisette Model retrospective, the image that was used to advertise the show was one of the artist’s Coney Island photographs. The curators had the image enlarged to fill the entire southern flank of the gallery. One could see the Rubenesque bathing beauty in all her glory a […]

Secrets Of The Sea: Underwater Collages

Both Picasso and Matisse practiced collage as an art form during their careers. True or false? About half of my sixth-grade class got this answer correct: True. I then showed them examples of each artist’s collages. As they viewed Matisse’s, they suddenly remembered studying his cut-paper works of art. Of course, there are many famous […]

Creative Collaboration

The art room is certainly the right place for learning artistic skills, such as manipulation of a variety of media or how to use the elements of art, but it is also a prime location for students to develop social skills: the communication, problem-solving and self-management skills necessary for a student to maintain positive social […]