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Izzy Wheels: Connecting On An Emotional Level

Imagine that you own only one pair of shoes. Nothing fancy, just a plain black pair of canvas sneakers. They fit you all right and they get you where you need to go; they are perfectly functional.  “One day, you are invited to go to your friend’s birthday party. You really want to go and […]

Dec 2018
Sgraffito Masks

As part of a schoolwide initiative to study western Africa, I wanted to plan an exploration of African masks that not only highlighted the variety and beauty of the art form, but also opened my students’ eyes to the perspectives and experiences of the African people. Unlike the art of the West, African art is […]

Welcome Winter with Snow People at Night

Here is a lesson that combines reading, learning about authors/illustrators, value painting and clay sculpture. My first-graders totally love this lesson. Say “Hello” to winter with the help of these charming snow people! FIRST, GET THE BOOK Snowmen at Night, by Caralyn and Mark Buehner, and read this beautiful story to your students. Show them the […]