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Apr 2019
Up For Auction!

My students and I were asked to create an auction piece for the annual fundraiser for our local education foundation. The foundation hosts an annual fundraiser and it’s a big gala event. They get sponsors and have a large auction to raise money to support the local pubic school district.  Normally, the middle school does […]

Apr 2019
Artists Up Close

For the past 10 years, I have focused on introducing my students to a wide variety of contemporary artists. I feel that doing so can make the content of my art curriculum more relevant and engaging for my students. Kids want to see how what they are learning and experimenting with in class is being […]

Mar 2019
Classroom Color

Each academic year, art teachers at every level address the element of color with their classes and seek new avenues to make the experience a rich and rewarding one. After the introductory color wheel and value exercises are completed, students usually have an abstract notion of how analogous and complimentary theory work. Rather than keep […]

Peter Max and the ’60s: Students Get Their Groove On

The l960s were a remarkable time to be alive! The American people were witnessing new approaches to the visual arts and music, historic military events and space exploration. Peter Max, the artist, began creating his “Cosmic Art” at this time. Young people of the ’60s loved the music of the Beatles and, to my surprise, […]