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Pinch-Pot Animal Bowls

Teachers at all levels introducing clay to their classrooms often struggle to find an exciting introductory project to build construction skills and confidence with the medium. The pinch pot is always a good place to start. Students learn to feel the clay and determine what it will and will not do. They also learn that […]

Symbolic Ceramic Totem Poles

Like many art educators, I have struggled to find ways to provide new and engaging activities to help students make meaningful art and talk about it to their peers and teachers. Clay is an inexpensive and effective way to get students to openly communicate through their art what they may be feeling or experiencing. In […]

Help Endangered Species with Art

For many young people, art is an ideal way to express their feelings and knowledge about the world around them—including the environment. That was a key reason the Endangered Species Coalition introduced the Saving Endangered Species Youth Art Contest, an integral part of the 14th annual Endangered Species Day, which will be celebrated on and […]