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Altered Books for K-2

Book arts are all the rage in the world of grownup art making, but how can this medium be made available to early elementary students? Following are some great concepts and strategies to try. First tip: use board books! A great many of them lack the literary “chops” to be saved for academic reasons. What […]

Animal Options: A Year in Review

The third-graders had only three class periods remaining for the year—a mere two and a half hours. My challenge was to present a project that would allow for a review of a large number of the terms and skills that had been studied throughout the year, while still providing the students adequate time to “illustrate” […]

Apr 2017
Found-Object Pillars

Visiting schools as a guest artist has led me to consider students as apprentices on group projects. We work as a team through a problem toward an unknown. During the course of the project, opportunities for guidance and the use of our “visual language” are constant. This process is terrifically enjoyable for all. Cylinders are […]