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May 2019
Creature Canjos

An opportunity to create a memorable art/music experience presented itself at our school. A speaker on Project Based Learning (PBL) inspired us to develop a unit on “canjo” making and embellishment. What is a canjo? It is a relative of banjos but is made with … you guessed it: cans! There is a long history […]

Southwestern Landscapes

Desert landscapes are often considered bare, desolate wastelands that lack any form of life or beauty. Through the many years I’ve lived in Texas, spending much time at my family’s ranch, I believe nothing could be further from the truth. The warm colors and vast skies that dominate this boundless landscape have inspired artists like […]

Underwater Inspiration: Digital Mandalas

My students are used to being introduced to a variety of living artists in our art room. This lesson introduces them to yet another artist, but in this case, it happens to be a recently discovered species of Japanese puffer fish. I love their reactions and responses when they discover that the artist is, indeed, […]

Immortalizing America’s Generous Spirit

Ms Esrum! There’s a bull butt on the roof!” In this unexpected and rather undignified manner, my student effectively got his class interested in a project that would probably be the most absurd and profound in the history of Hillcrest High School’s art department.  Where did I find that bull and the idea for the […]