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Nichos: The Art of Remembering

The 2017 release of the animated film, Coco, thrust the Day of the Dead—or Dia de los Muertos—even more into the zeitgeist of popular culture. While this holiday may be new to many Americans, it has always been a favorite in art rooms across the country. Dia de los Muertos is traditionally celebrated Nov. 1–2, […]

Make A Robot and Learn About Math

Don’t look for the word “netbots” in your dictionary, it won’t be there. We made up the word to describe our sculptures, which are made of folded paper nets to form our robots. Integrating art with academic subjects can sometimes feel like a burden to art teachers. Shouldn’t art be a stand-alone subject, after all? […]

Celebrating Poetry and Eric Carle

My art students enjoyed this collaborative lesson between the AP English literature classes and my AP studio art and drawing and painting classes. One of the goals of this unit was to teach the students (or have them become more aware of) nature, compassion, respect, and to take care of and appreciate the earth, so […]

Multiple Lines and Making Murals

I usually introduce my students to the work of an individual artist with each activity, but every once in a while, I get a little wild and throw three or four at them at once. That was the case with this fun one. My fifth-graders looked at the work of Jason Woodside, local San Diego artist […]