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Mar 2019
Classroom Color

Each academic year, art teachers at every level address the element of color with their classes and seek new avenues to make the experience a rich and rewarding one. After the introductory color wheel and value exercises are completed, students usually have an abstract notion of how analogous and complimentary theory work. Rather than keep […]

Peter Max and the ’60s: Students Get Their Groove On

The l960s were a remarkable time to be alive! The American people were witnessing new approaches to the visual arts and music, historic military events and space exploration. Peter Max, the artist, began creating his “Cosmic Art” at this time. Young people of the ’60s loved the music of the Beatles and, to my surprise, […]

Mar 2019
Art On The Go!

The fourth-grade students at Loesche Elementary School were engaged in a lively discussion about modes of transportation and their function and purpose. The conversation led to their exciting observations of the many visually intriguing trucks that the children have seen on the local streets and highways. They collaboratively concluded that trucks can be large, moveable […]

Feb 2019
Erase Me!

Oh, how I love Facebook! OK, this sounds like the beginning of a Dr. Seuss book. But I really do like it, plus I love that art teachers are always willing to share their ideas, lessons and photos. I won’t lie, I got this project from a post I saw a few months ago and […]