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Oct 2017
Murals with Maya

One of the most important qualities that a teacher should practice, exhibit, and model is flexibility. We should strive to be flexible in terms of multiple facets of teaching—being open to variety in student problem solving, opening ourselves to different ways of sharing content with our students, and being willing to make changes to our […]

Very Hungry Caterpillars

When my kindergarten students entered the art room, they were surprised to see balloons sitting on the tables next to the paint. I told them that instead of using a paintbrush to apply paint for this project, we would be using balloons! They were excited, but curious—a great way to start any project! SESSION 1 […]

Oct 2017
An Autumn Palette

Mrs. G, I’m pretty sure we did this in elementary school.” My student was right: They probably did print leaves as youngsters. I immediately launched into the reasons that this would be not only different from grade-school efforts, but also suitable for high-schoolers. First, they would be producing an acrylic painting in a color scheme […]

Knowledge and New Friends through Artist Trading Cards

This experience came about when a friend—also an art teacher and AP® Studio Art Reader—and I wanted to conduct a lesson that would connect our classes. We decided on Artist Trading Cards (ATCs) and proceeded to introduce the lesson to our respective students at the start of the school year. Before starting on the cards, […]