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“Draw” Like an Egyptian

The third-graders at our school know a lot about ancient Egyptian culture, and they are fascinated by some of the mysteries and secrets that were left behind in the ancient tombs of the pharaohs. When asked what they knew about ancient Egyptian burial practices, the answers came flying with hand after hand raised. With excitement, […]

Dec 2017
Mehndi Hands

Making real-life connections for students in the art room is one of the best ways to captivate them. The student demographic I teach is extremely diverse and often inspires the lessons I teach. A number of students at the Nashville elementary school I teach at are of Muslim faith, the girls wear hijabs and, on […]

Dreamtime Storytelling

There has always been something about Aboriginal Australian art that draws me deeply into it. Maybe it’s the raw energy I feel when viewing their dot paintings or the way that their Dreamtime stories awaken my imagination. Whatever it might be, I wanted to share my love for their artwork with my fifth-grade art students. […]

Nov 2017
Face2Face in Ottawa

One of the most important mandates that secondary schools in Canada have is to ensure that young adults understand their role in the community. When Ottawa Education Programs Officer, Olga Zeale, contacted our art department about a special project to highlight Canadian Archives Awareness Week, I knew our students would enthusiastically embrace the task, which […]