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Scraping the Edge: Palette-Knife Paintings

Looking for a way to get your high school students out of their painting rut? Have them try something new and different. Make them experiment with a technique that directly opposes their tendencies to paint up close and precise. One semester, I had a painting class with a tremendous amount of skill in realism, yet […]

Painting the Bright Colors of the Rainforest

Bring out the paint and students are motivated! When I shared that we would be painting birds in the rainforest, students were eager to begin. First, we discussed the rainforest and viewed pictures online. Most of the students were aware of the destruction of the rainforest, and expressed their empathy and concern for all living […]

Feb 2018
Abstract Cityscapes

Every year, my fourth-grade students study the history of their state, Rhode Island, with their classroom teachers. These studies include an annual field trip to the state’s capital city of Providence. This opportunity for the children to explore the largest city in our state, was the perfect inspiration to study cityscapes in the art room! […]