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Simple and Successful Ceramic Wall Hangings

Bring out the clay and bring about positive student responses! Clay is always a favorite medium for my students. This project is fun, easy, and allows for all students to experience success. Students who struggle with fine motor skills do very well with this lesson. It can be adapted for all grade levels. I have […]

Summertime Sculpture: Squeaky-Clean Tikis

Soap carving is an easy, inexpensive, and pleasant-smelling way for students to try subtractive sculpture! I piloted this project with my Art Club to determine where students might struggle with the process. I also wanted to see if the end results would actually look like tikis before extrapolating it to a full class project. The […]

Airbrushed Butterfly Collage

One of my favorite parts of doing art in a group setting is watching the kids give each other technique pointers, borrow ideas from each other, and then ooh and ahh over how “cool” something turned out. In the first part of this lesson, students collaborate to create a buffet of patterned paper using airbrushes […]

Creative Genius Mini-Murals

It is difficult to truly impact a large public building with student art. I have planned a few large-scale murals, but time, talent and/or supplies never seemed to materialize, in order to bring them to fruition. My solution? Install enough mini-murals featuring the portraits of creative geniuses that will eventually amass to transform our institutional […]