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3D Intro Art / Article 4 of 10

Article 4 of 10 Wonderful Weavings by Debi West Who doesn’t love bringing fiber art into the art room? I have a feeling there are a lot of art teachers who probably don’t agree, and I have to say, until I took a few workshops at state art education conferences, I was intimidated by the […]

3D Intro Art / Article 3 of 10

Article 3 of 10 Who Am I? Relief Sculptures by Debi West I think it’s always so important to ask our students to think deeply about who they are. I start off many of my projects with this idea in mind, but for this lesson it’s more about what encompasses them as a person. This lesson […]

3D Intro Art / Article 2 of 10

Article 2 of 10 Cardboard Relief Sculptures by Debi West There’s just something really awesome about cardboard! I remember early in my career how excited I got when all of the new art supplies arrived in boxes of all sizes. After the supplies were organized and put into their proper locations, being an environmentalist (and […]

3D Intro Art / Article 1 of 10

Article 1 of 10 Kicking Off the Series by Debi West I am very excited to be bringing another yearlong series to Arts & Activities magazine, especially one that I think is very timely and very relevant. We tend to see a plethora of 2D lessons out there, but rarely do we see a series of […]