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3D Intro Art / Article 7 of 10

Foreground, middle ground and background seem like easy concepts to teach our students, but when moving to the 3D realm, it’s often a bit trickier than you would think. Over the years I have played around with ways to get our kids to better understand this important art concept and I think I figured it […]

3D Intro Art / Article 6 of 10

Article 6 of 10 CLAY VESSELS by Debi West I just love clay! And better yet, our kids LOVE clay! I don’t think it matters what the age, every student enjoys creating with clay. And then, they don’t. They assume they are going to create something amazing, but the reality is, if you just set them […]

3D Intro Art / Article 5 of 10

Article 5 of 10 POP-UP ART HISTORY by Debi West Who doesn’t love a good ole fashioned pop-up book? I know I do and I have often used these to teach my students about relief sculptures. When I started working at the high school, I needed something new to keep my kids engaged with our […]

3D Intro Art / Article 4 of 10

Article 4 of 10 Wonderful Weavings by Debi West Who doesn’t love bringing fiber art into the art room? I have a feeling there are a lot of art teachers who probably don’t agree, and I have to say, until I took a few workshops at state art education conferences, I was intimidated by the […]