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3D Intro Art / Article 9 of 10

Article 9 of 10 INDOOR SCULPTURE GARDEN by Debi West Have you ever thought about how cool it would be to have your students build an indoor sculpture garden? I remember a few years ago when our city of Suwanee, Georgia, started their very own “Sculpt-tour” (www.suwanee.com/whatsnew.sculptour.php) and I would have loved to incorporate this […]

3D Intro Art / Article 8 of 10

Article 8 of 10 CHOPSTICK SCULPTURES by Debi West Students love to build “in the round” sculptures where they can be seen from every side, but it’s often a complicated concept. First of all, are students ready to be challenged to think spatially and consider all sides of their sculpture? What media will you use […]

3D Intro Art / Article 7 of 10

Article 7 of 10 ENVIRONMENTAL INSTALLATIONS by Debi West Foreground, middle ground and background seem like easy concepts to teach our students, but when moving to the 3D realm, it’s often a bit trickier than you would think. Over the years I have played around with ways to get our kids to better understand this […]

3D Intro Art / Article 6 of 10

Article 6 of 10 CLAY VESSELS by Debi West I just love clay! And better yet, our kids LOVE clay! I don’t think it matters what the age, every student enjoys creating with clay. And then, they don’t. They assume they are going to create something amazing, but the reality is, if you just set them […]