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Back Issues / 2016 | Arts & Activities
Jun 2017

Back Issues / 2016



Making the Most of Mixed Media

Paintings with Fabric Inspired by Shinique Smith

Resisting Wax

Leonardo Drew and Grid Assemblages: Inspiration for an Inspiring Lesson

On the Art Career Track: Sci-Fi T-shirts

Lighthouses: Spotlighting Mixed Media

Quadrilateral Nutcrackers: Math + Art + Holidays = Fun Learning for Kids!

Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: Textures and Mixed Media

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The Road to Printing Success

Past/Present Printmaking Mashup

Integrating the Curriculum: Linking Art and Geography

TR Mack and Lots of Dots

Masked Monoprints and Waxy Transfers

Art for Preschoolers: Fruit and Veggie Printmaking Fun

Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: Printmaking and Image Transfer

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Paper and Collage

Star Artists

Anthropomorphic Animal Collages Inspired by William Wegman

Drawing with Scissors

Art All Around Us

Combining Selfies with Typography

Serving Up Some Art on Clay Platters

Partnering: Creative Career Exploration

Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: Learn Something New

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Creative Ways to Get Art Started

Passionate about Painting: Start with Sunflowers

Plants … on Watercolor Backgrounds

Triangulating with Libs: Celebrating Diversity and Community

Stencil Chalk Design

Discover the Power to Create Positive Change through Art

Positive Affirmations: Great for Everyone

Meet the Faculty

Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: Back in the Swing of Things

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Looking Forward to an Art-Filled Summer

Moonlit Fireflies

Animal Spirit Coloring Book

Peering Through the Porthole

Found-Object Faces

Bug Art

Cross the Continents with Wyland: Participate in
the 2016 National Mural Challenge

Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: Wrapping Up the Year

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MAY 2016


Art that Pops off the Page

Galimotos: The Universal Joy of Problem Solving

Abstract Expressionist Foam Sculptures

Symbolic Salvidor: Exploring Symbolism in the Works of Dali

Relief: Something to Scream About

Sweet Treats

Cardboard Cubism

Letter Perfect

Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: 3-D Projects

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APRIL 2016


Break Out the Brushes, It’s Time to Paint

The Japanese Bridge: Kindergartners Meet Monet

Double Self-Portraits in the Style of Chuck Close

The Artful Germ

Homage to Van Gogh and Hundertwasser

Things I Really Like: A Monochromatic Inventory

A Familiar Face: Exercise for First-Time Watercolorists

Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: Break Out the Brushes

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MARCH 2016


Pastels, Pencils, Markers and More

Jason Messinger: Abstract Landscaping

Star Wars Pop Art

An Artistic Skyline … Word for Word

Toppling Towers

Ribbons and Spheres: Introduction to Still Life

Portraiture: A Study of the Greek Gods

Charcoal Portraits: Focusing on Shading and Contrast

Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: Drawing Inspiration

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Making Forms with Clay

Meet Mr. Grandville! Anthropomorphic Portraits in Clay

Clay Flowers Bloom

Piggy Pockets: An Elementary intro to Clay

Stained Glass in Clay

Metcognition and Clay: Visual Reminders of Advanced Thinking

Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: Celebrate Clay

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The Diversity of Art

The Colors of Africa

Matching with Miguel

Aboriginal Art

Differing Realities: The Contemporary Graphic Art of Daniel Guzman

Masks of Fur and Hide

African Masks: A Two-Phase Project

Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers: The Diversity of Art

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