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ABCs of Art / W-X | Arts & Activities
Jun 2015

ABCs of Art / W-X

A Theme-Based Yearlong CurriculumABCsLOGO

“W” ~ Wonderful Weavings
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The following is an additional “Alpha Art” lesson plan for the letter “X”:

LETTER: X ~ X-tra, X-tra, Read All About It!
LEVELS: Kindergarten – Grade 5


0410b1. Students discuss different uses for newspapers, specifically in the art room.

2. Students look closely at the flower arrangement still life placed on each table, and draw what they see onto their precut newspaper rectangles. Remind the students to pay attention to their lines and shapes.

3. Students glue these completed pieces down onto their black mat paper.

4. Students then lightly color with oil pastel or crayons.

0410a5. Students blend chalk over the newspapers and newly made images.

6. Students use their fingers to blend the chalk in, allowing the newspaper and print to show through the art.

7. Students hang the art in a class exhibit.


Since I often do this lesson toward the end of the school year—and I enjoy teaching it to all grade levels as we use up the art materials—the lessons can change.

I have found the spring flowers and the use of chalk are always very successful, as it allows the newspaper to come through the art, creating an interesting texture.

Students can also do self-portraits, summer plans, papier-mâché and more using this technique. Newspaper art never looked so good—read all about it!


• think about how they can use newspapersand recycling in art.
• create art that represents the seasons—in this case, spring.


9″ x 12″ or 12″ x 18″ white drawing paper
Permanent black markers
Oil pastels
9″ x 12″ black paper
Spring flower arrangement


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