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2009 Articles | Arts & Activities
Jul 2015

2009 Articles


2009 Arts & Activities Magazine Articles

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ITEM Article Title Author Issue Date Subject Page
A010920 Cover Story: Understanding Culture And Diversity Anne Vize Jan 2009 Australian Aboriginal Art 20
A010922 Paper Moccasins Debra Sweeney Jan 200 Stepping Toward Learning 22
A010924 Moko Jumbies SA Benett Clarie Phillips and Natalie Moore Jan 2009 Dancing Spirits From Africa 24
A010926 The Art Of Japanese Masks And Kimonos Nacy Johnston Brooks Jan 2009 Japanese mask making with printmaking 26
A010928 Masks: The Artist In Me Karen Shophammer Jan 2009 Mask making with paints 28
A010930 Art Movement — Movement In Art Geri Greenman Jan 2009 Art movement in a period of art history 30
A010832 Collage Crowns Mary Ellen Haussle Jan 2009 Art to wear. Paper collage crowns 32
A010937 Pop-Art Project = Pride Zachery Freeman Jan 2009 Exposing students to famous works of art and their creators 37
A010938 Something To Smile About Vila Woo Jan 2009 Preschoolers Meet Mona Lisa 38
A010940 Museums Studies Kachina Martin and Maureen Yoder Jan 2009 Connecting the elementary and secondary experience 40
A010966 Tried & True Tips Of Art Teachers Geri Greenman Jan 2009 Art around the world 66
A020916 Cover Story: Learning From Exhibitions: Innovations And Change Mark M. Johnson Feb 2009 Great ceramics form the Ceramics Research Center Arizona State Universtiy Art Museum Collection 16
A020920 Community Connections: Bowls For The Hungry Nate Greenwood Feb 2009 Creamic bowls 20
A020922 Art Across The Curriculum: Soulful Survivor Sewing Tara Cady Sartorius Feb 2009 Story telling quits 22
A020929 Handbuilt Hang-Outs Sabina Bolinger Feb 2009 Slab houses with a twist 29
A020930 Testing I-2-3: The Way To Firing Success David L. Gamble Feb 2009 Firing clay art 30
A020932 Making Ceramic Cameras Mark Squibb Feb 2009 Pinhole photography with ceramics 32
A020937 Children's Art Diary George Szekely Feb 2009 Magician Artists 37
A020938 Strong PIctures Get The Point Across: Teens Put Life (And Art) Up On A Billboard Karen Friedland Feb 2009 Paintings express teen issues 38
A020940 Literature In The Art Room: Tints Shades and Frost Joan Sterling Feb 2009 Frost poetry inspired paintings 40
A020950 Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman Feb 2009 Getting "Fired Up" 50
A030916 Cover Story: Different Strokes Paula Guhin March 2009 Chalk pastels landscapes 16
A030918 Stained-Glass Pastels Shirley Laird March 2009 Stained glass designs 18
A030920 M.C. Escher Portraits Kim Yonker March 2009 Examine M.C. Esher's art with pencil drawings 20
A030922 It's Raining Cats And Dogs Dianne Turner March 2009 Learning about the role of pets in impressionist art 22
A030924 Integrating The Curriulum: Crossing The Line Shirley Laird March 2009 Collective classroom oil pastel project 24
A030929 Plug Into A Great Outlet For Creativity Karen Shophammer March 2009 Elementary outlet animal drawings 29
A030930 Celtic Roads Jan Kinney March 2009 Color pencil celtic drawings 30
A030932 Community Connections: Panor Ama Jamma! Rollinda Thomas March 2009 Community mural project 32
A030940 Walking Through History Barbara Herberholz March 2009 Edgar Degas In New Orleans 40
A030850 Tried & True Tips for Art Teachers Geri Greenman March 2009 Drawing From Within 50
A040920 Cover Story: Junk Yard Treasures Len Mathes April 2009 Painting junk yard treasures 20
A040923 Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson April 2009 American Chronicles: The Art Of Norman Rockwell 23
A040926 Art Across The Curriculum Tara Cady Sartorius April 2009 Sight unscene 26
A040934 The Magic Moment: Creating Color Harmony Dan Bartges April 2009 Color principles 34
A040936 Klimtomania Louise M. Biggs April 2009 Color drawings in Gustav Klimt style 36
A040938 What Color Is Your Dog? June "Sam" Comton April 2009 Taking a cue from artist George Rodrigue 38
A040940 Line Designs Lisa Blanchette April 2009 Inspired by Paul Knee 40
A040942 Pixel Palette: Multimedia Landscapes Joan Sterling April 2009 Concepts of digital design to create a work of art 42
A040944 Art Lessons For Preschoolers Barbara Egens April 2009 In The Style Of Jackson Pollock 44
A040946 Push It To The Max! Laurel Winters April 2009 Thinking In Layers 46
A040958 Tried & True Tips For Art Teachers Geri Greenman April 2009 Paint And Enjoy 58
A050914 Chihuly-Inspired Balloon Sculptures Erin Morice May 2009 hree-Dimensional sculptures 14
A050916 Student Success With Abstract Art Kristine Hamidou May 2009 Abstract 3-D art 16
A050918 Cover Story: Art Across The Curriculum Tara Cady Sartorius May 2009 Ouf of the box 18
A050926 Recycling Renaissance Jan Sutley May 2009 Rinse Reuse And Scream 26
A050928 Inside And Outside Laurel Winters May 2009 Boxes Inspired By Joseph Cornell 28
A050930 What Are We Going To Do Next Year? Kathy Cunningham May 2009 Papier-mache sculptures of a popular character 30
A050932 Artful Inclusion: Outdoor Environments Rocky Tomasoff May 2009 Using real materials from nature to make a art scene in a frame 32
A050933 Fun With Falling Man Caly R. Mosley May 2009 Create shiny human sculptures inspired by Ernest Trova 33
A050935 Children's Art Diary George Szekely May 2009 Parade Artists 35
A050942 Tried & True Tips For Art Teachers Geri Greenman May 2009 Creating In 3-D 42
A060916 We All Belong! Kristine Lukawecky June 2009 The Tecumseh Murel Project 16
A060918 Dragonflies And Fireflies Sally Mannlein June 2009 Grade school drawing Dragonfiles and Firefiles project 18
A060920 Shells And Patterns Jane Sutley June 2009 Watercolor and pencil seashells 20
A060922 Underwater Scene: Composition Nanyoung Kim June 2009 Drawing fish shapes with crayon and watercolor 22
A060924 Jurassic Park Insects Robert Graff June 2009 Design and create an imaginary insert that could have existed in a prehistoric enviornment 24
A060926 Pixel Pallette: 10 Tempting Image-Editing Tasks Paula Guhin June 2009 Use technology visual arts tools and media to advance creativity 26
A060928 Exploring Media Processes And Project Applications Dr. Gaelynn P. Wolf Bordonaro Ann Blake Deborah Corrington Tegan Fanders Laura Morley June 2009 Rediscovering Shrinky Dinks 28
A060930 Modern Masters From The Smithsonian American Art Museum Mark M. Johnson June 2009 Traveling exhibition by the Smithsonian of American artists 30
A060938 Riding The Wave Karen Skophammer June 2009 A Self-Portrait Study 38
A060939 Clay Corner Cindy Ayala June 2009 A new look at America's welcome sign 39
A060966 Tried & True Tips For Art Teachers Geri Greenman June 2009 Time To Reflect 66
A090914 Art Works: Then And Now! Barbara Herberholz Sept 2009 This column provides bits of know-how and reminders of ways to assure success in your art program 14
A090916 Alpha Art… The ABCs Of Art Debi West Sept 2009 A Theme-Based Yearlong Curriculum 16
A090918 Art Elements For Middle and High-Schoolers Robert S. Hunter Sept 2009 Study of Line. Lesson 1 in a series of 5 18
A090922 Geometric Houses Teri Dexheimer Joyce Sept 2009 A beginning lesson for first-graders 22
A090929 Angles In Action Xanthippi Cynthia Stylianou Sept 2009 Develop painting skills while using watercolors 29
A090930 A Schoolwide Endeavor Anne Marie Hoffman Sept 2009 Our exquisite snake 30
A090932 Name Design Nanyoung Kim Sept 2009 understanding the repetition of formal elements makes a design harmonious 32
A090934 Layers Of Depth! Cynthia McGovern Sept 2009 Background foreground and the ground in between 34
A090936 Art Across The Curriculum: Ship Shape Tara Cady Sartorius Sept 2009 Photograph from Ed Willis Barnett 36
A090939 On The Art Career Track Irv Osterer Sept 2009 Hybrid Logos 39
A090950 Tried & True Tips For Art Teachers Glenday Lubiner Sept 2009 Welcome Bac 50
A100916 Art Works… With Sharpened Perception Barbara Heberholz Oct 2009 This column provides bits of know-how and reminders of ways to assure success in your art program 16
A100918 Alpha Art… The ABCs Of Art Debi West Oct 2009 A – All About Me: Picture-Perfect Self-Portraits 18
A100919 Art Elements For Middle and High-Schoolers Robert S. Hunter Oct 2009 Study of Shape. Lesson 2 in a series of 5 19
A100922 Lost In Form Found In Line Mark M. Johnson Oct 2009 An exhibition of works by Robert Motherwell 22
A100929 Carp Collage David Laux Oct 2009 Organize and collage into an Asian-inspired composition 29
A100930 Cover Story: Up Close And Personal Calvin Banks Oct 2009 Photorealistic self-portraits 30
A100932 Celebrating Diversity Mered "Pidgie" Lawson Oct 2009 Kidergarten and grade 1 self-portraits 32
A100934 Happy Birthday With Handmade Paper Karen Skophammer Oct 2009 Collaborate to create a unified design celebrating Eric Carle's work 34
A100936 Getting "Into" Fantasy April Mahon Oct 2009 Embellish a self-portrait photo to fit into a fantasy collage 36
A100938 Integrating The Curriculum Molly McNeece Oct 2009 Haunted By Houses 38
A100940 Integrating The Curriculum Cathy Pedro Oct 2009 The Magic Of One-Half 40
A100941 Children's Art Diary George Szekely Oct 2009 School-Supple Artists 41
A100950 Tried & True Tips For Art Teachers Laurel Winters Oct 2009 Paper Particulars 50
A110914 Art Works… When We Compose Together Barbara Herberholz Nov 2009 Poems and stories based on artworks 14
A110916 Alpha Art… The ABCs Of Art Debi West Nov 2009 C – Cave Art Creations 16
A110918 Art Elements For Middle and High-Schoolers Robert S. Hunter Nov 2009 Study of Value. Lesson 3 in a series of 5 18
A110920 Exploring The Self Laura Edwards Nov 2009 Creating art works like Kathe Kollwitz and Thm Shaw 20
A110922 Art Across Teh Curriculum Tara Cady Sartorius Nov 2009 Character & Cane 22
A110930 Kente Cloth-Inspired Reduction Prints Kathy Cunningham Nov 2009 Use repetition color and design to produce their own Kente cloth designs 30
A110932 Integrating The Curriculum Ellen McNally Nov 2009 Ancient Mayan Glyphs 32
A110934 Polyfoam Print Making Virginai Pollock Thompson Nov 2009 Use polyfoam to pull prints from plate 34
A110936 On the Art Career Track: Picture Postage Irv Osterer Nov 2009 Use photo-editing/enhancement and desktop-publishing software to create orginaly pieces of graphic art 36
A110938 Sign Of The Times Nan Tamplin de Poinsot Nov 2009 American sign language in contour line drawing 38
A110940 Integrating The Curriculum: Art & Literacy Lucinda Shmulsky Nov 2009 Integrate story ideas with visual pictures and create design invent and formulate these pictures 40
A110950 Tried & True Tips For Art Teachers Glenda Lubiner Nov 2009 Making Prints 50
A120916 Art Works… When Students Assess Their Own Work Barbara Herberholz Dec 2009 This column provides bits of know-how and reminders of ways to assure success in your art program 16
A120917 Art Elements For Middle and High-Schoolers Robert S. Hunter Dec 2009 Study of Texture. Lesson 4 in a series of 5 17
A120918 Alpha Art… The ABCs Of Art Debi West Dec 2009 Finster's Fantastic Folk Art Fun 18
A120921 Cover Story: Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson Dec 2009 Patrick Dougherty The Stick Man 21
A120929 Forum Thoughts To Share Jerome J. Hausman Dec 2009 A Walk In The Woods 29
A120930 Bluebonnet Fiber Collages Joan Sterling Dec 2009 Using stitching and applique techniques to create fiber collage 30
A120932 On The Art Career Track Charl Anne Brew Dec 2009 A Future In Fashion: Designing Wearable Art 32
A120934 Sensational Shacks Lauren C. Phillips Dec 2009 Inspired By Beverly Buchanan 34
A120935 Chameleons Reptilian Texture Hugh Peterson Dec 2009 Use shapes contrast colors to draw chameleons 35
A120936 Tape Textured Works Of Art Karen Skophammer Dec 2009 Create art using masking tape to create and actual texture and a visual texture 36
A120938 Stockings For The Artists Kim Goebel Dec 2009 Create famous drawings onto paper stockings 38
A120940 The Lion And The Lamb: Learning About Tolerance And Compassion Judith C. Johnson Dec 2009 Create drawings in Edward Hicks style 40
A120942 Children's Art Diary George Szekely Dec 2009 Hang-It-Up Artists 42
A120950 Tried & True Tips For Art Teachers Laurel Winters Dec 2009 Incorporating Texture 50


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