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2007 Articles | Arts & Activities
Jul 2015

2007 Articles


2007 Arts & Activities Magazine Articles

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Item Article Title Author Issue Date Subject Page
A010720 Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson Jan 2007 Grandma Moses: Grandmother To The Nation 20
A010723 Parody In Art: Translating The Masters David Laux Jan 2007 Translate a famous artwork from the past into a contemporary work of art 23
A010724 Integrating The Curriculum Jane Sutley Jan 2007 Writing Enrichment 24
A010726 Experiencing Van Gogh Xanthippi Cynthia Stylianou Jan 2007 Make Van Gogh paintings with water colors crayons and pastels 26
A010728 The Tale Of The Museum Trip That Wasn’t Kachina Martin Jan 2007 Get the most out of your classroom Museum trip 28
A010737 Egyptian: Canopic Jars Joan Sterling Jan 2007 Make clay art with pinch pots and facial features 37
A010738 Visions Inspired By Howard Finster Jeannette Smith Anthos Jan 2007 Understanding that everyday items can be used to make art 38
A010740 Ex-Votos: A Way To Say Thank You Michele Joyce Jan 2007 Learn about the Mexican art tradition 40
A010766 Tried And True Tips For Art Teachers Geri Greenman Jan 2007 Art from around the world 66
A020718 Cover Story: Primitive Firing: Pots With A History Geri Greenman Feb 2007 Learn early firing techniques 18
A020722 Big Fat Hens Marilyn Burtnett Feb 2007 Build a hollow sphere using hand-building techniques 22
A020724 Clay Dragons Teri Dexheimer Joyce Feb 2007 Learn different techniques of clay sculpture to make dragons 24
A020726 Charming Chalices Inspired By Beatrice Wood Marica Gibson Feb 2007 Use simple hand-building techniques to make a chalice out of clay 26
A020731 Children’s Art Diary George Sze´kely Feb 2007 Artists On The Floor 31
A020732 Tea In The Garden Marica Gibson Feb 2007 Form three-dimensional objects with clay 32
A020734 Masks Of Venice Kathy Cunningham Feb 2007 Make a mask of Italian Venetian Carnival origin 34
A020736 Giant Negatives Are Big Fun Paula Guhin Feb 2007 Demonstrate photographic/art negative positive space 36
A020738 Using Art To Promote Literacy Irv Osterer Feb 2007 Promote literacy with graphic design 38
A030720 Cover Story: An All-Encompassing Rain Forest Cheryl Crumpecker March 2007 Draw a realistic rain-forest animal 20
A030722 Magnificent Motorcylces Paula Guhin March 2007 Apply the concepts of distortion and exaggeration using pastels 22
A030724 Pastel Picassos Jennifer Bowden March 2007 Study the cubist movement and Pablo Picasso 24
A030723 Shed Some Light On Figure Drawing Paula Guhin March 2007 Drawing the proportions of a human figure accurately 26
A030731 Fishing For Fun Cathy Grigsby March 2007 Use Paul Klee style to paint draw cut and glue fish art 31
A030732 Architecture In The Art Room Nanyoung Kim March 2007 Fantastic Castles 32
A030734 Pastel Pet And People Portraits Karen Skophammer March 2007 Represent three-dimensional objects on a flat surface by demonstrating on illusion of epth to the two-dimensional surface 34
A030736 Mondays With Matisse Linda Wolfe March 2007 Analyze and descibe the characteristics of the work of Henri Matisse 36
A030738 Pixel Pallette: Once Upon A Time Rose-Anne C. Chrzanowski March 2007 Conceive and create original works of art that demonstrate a connection between personal expression and intentional use of art materials techniques and process 38
A040723 Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson April 2007 Craft In America: A multimedia extravaganza 23
A040727 Fantastic Chagall Joan Sterling April 2007 Create fantasy landscapes using tints shades and blends in the Marc Chagall style 27
A040728 Cover Story: Industrial Strength Geri Greenman April 2007 Learn to look at the mundance and the functional as something that can be great subject matter 28
A040730 Art Across The Curriculum: Tune Up Tara Cady Sartorius April 2007 David Parrish art 30
A040737 Children's Art Diary George Sze´kely April 2007 Birthday Artists 37
A040738 Graffiti And Guerrilla Art Nan Hathaway April 2007 Explore and practice with contemporary alternative art media and new art techniques 38
A040742 Pixel Pallette: Shadow Paintings Len Mathes April 2007 Recognize how shadows define the character of shapes 42
A040744 Kingly Kanines Laura Lasker April 2007 Use imagination to paint a whimsical dog and design a fancy collar and jeweled crown 44
A040746 Dancing Paintings Marie Anne Morgan Dazzi April 2007 Use repeated shapes in order to product rhythmical patterns 46
A040748 iPaint Christine Siwicki April 2007 Students create their own spin on Apple iPod ads 48
A050718 A Day Of Tasteful Art Lauren McCann May 2007 Make art out of food: sandwiches apples grapes cucumbers marshmellows etc. 18
A050720 Glowing “Glass” Mary Carter and Ryan Hill May 2007 Alternative materials for a unit on Chihuly 20
A050722 Cover Story: Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson May 2007 Sonja Blomdahl: Color Shape Form 22
A050729 Annotation Of The Hand Charl Anne Brew May 2007 Use a variety of clay-building techniques to produce a human hand 29
A050730 That Takes The Cake Jane Sutley May 2007 Review and reinforce awareness regarding the Pop Art movement of the 1960s 30
A050732 There Are B.U.G.S. In The Cafeteria! Craig Hinshaw May 2007 Art can have a purpose or function. Make large paper bugs and screen print t-shirts 32
A050734 Monstrous Ma´che´ Stephanie Stamm May 2007 Apply media and techniques to create papier-and cloth-ma´che´s sculpture 34
A050736 Integrating The Curriculum Kathy S. Nee May 2007 Characters Of Mythical Proportions 36
A050737 Freedom Of Choice Karen Skophammer May 2007 Identify a variety of media that can be used to create clay sculpture 37
A060719 Recycling Renaissance: Recycling-Kandinsky Nancy E.J. Brooks June 2007 Use unconventional materials to create art in the Wassily Kandinsky style 19
A060720 Recycling Renaissance: Books With Happy Ends Paula Guhin June 2007 Successfully create an interesting personal work of art with images text with a variety of media 20
A060722 Recycling Renaissance: Alexander Calder Meets Bridget Riley Kris Fontes June 2007 CD Moblies: Make CD mobiles using positive/negative space 22
A060724 Integrating The Curriculum Debra B. Sweeney June 2007 Give Me Liberty: Create a unique rendition of the Statue of Liberty 24
A060726 Community Connections Barbara Herberholz and Majorie Sahs June 2007 Parade Of Art Umbrellas 26
A060728 The Tree House Mary M. Mulkey and Susanne Malm June 2007 Use crayons markers and colored pencils to create tree house drawings 28
A060737 Children's Art Diary George Sze´kely June 2007 Nature's Art Studio 37
A060738 Inside-Out Seascapes Judy Kalik June 2007 Create fish from geometric shapes with watercolor 38
A060740 Corrugated Lighthouse Scenes Robert Graff June 2007 Create a lighthouse with mix-media 40
A090733 Earth… It's Got Art Debi West Sept 2007 A Theme-Based Yearlong Curriculum 33
A090734 Seeing Through Value Shades And Tints Xanthippi Cynthia Stylianou Sept 2007 Use watercolors to understand the relationship between art society and individual expression 34
A090736 On The Art Career Track Len Mathes Sept 2007 Me Myself And I 36
A090738 Architecture In The Art Room Teri Dexheimer Joyce Sept 2007 Warm/Cool Cityscapes 38
A090740 Pattern Pictures Mark Olson Sept 2007 Use imagination to invent patterns using line and shape 40
A090742 On The Art Career Track Irv Osterer Sept 2007 Magazine covers 42
A090744 A Warm Fuzzy September Sandi Pippin Sept 2007 Create and warm fuzzy sculpture 44
A100720 Cover Story: Day Of The Dead Cheryl Crumpecker Oct 2007 Gracious Not Gruesome: Create art work in the Tony de Carlo style 20
A100722 A Paper-Bag Haunted House Michele Heide Berman Oct 2007 Use a variety of media to create a haunted house out of a paper bag 22
A100724 Composite School Portraits Irv Osterer Oct 2007 Use colored pencils to create a collage of your school 24
A100726 Children's Art Diary George Sze´kely Oct 2007 Box Artists 26
A100731 Awesome Autumn Cut-Ups Paula Guhin Oct 2007 Create kaleidoscopes with paper and colored pencils 31
A100732 Literature In The Art Room Phyllis Lambert Oct 2007 Bigfoot Fairy Tale 32
A100734 Romare Bearden: Memory Collages Denise M. Cassano Oct 2007 Make a collage in the Romare Bearden style 34
A100736 Op Art Nature Scenes Lisa Blanchette Oct 2007 Combine abstraction with realism and learn abot Op art style 36
A100748 Clay Corner: The Turkey Bowl Donia Lilly Oct 2007 Create a pinch pot clay turkey 48
A110719 Cover Story: Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson Nov 2007 Spectacular Achievements: Audubon's Animals Of North America 19
A110729 Community Connections Irv Osterer Nov 2007 Promoting Donor Awareness Through Design 29
A110730 Integrating The Curriculum Karen Skophammer Nov 2007 Incisive Bird Prints 30
A110732 Pixel Pallette: CD Design Kristine Lukawecky Nov 2007 CD Design: Integrating art music and information technology 32
A110734 Celtic Knot Block Prints Hugh Peterson Nov 2007 Use block-printing materials tools and techniques 35
A110736 Trash To Treasures Len Mathes Nov 2007 Recognize the beauty in ordinary mundane objects 36
A110739 Earth… It's Got Art Debi West Nov 2007 Collaborative Symmetrical Butterflies 39
A110741 Artistic Food Feast Mary McNamara Mulkey and Susanne Malm Nov 2007 Learn about composition and perspective with drawing food 41
A110750 Tried And True Tips For Teachers Geri Greenman Nov 2007 Printmaking 50
A120718 Cover Story: Textile Landscapes Kristine Hamidou Dec 2007 Make landscape art with mix-media textile 18
A120720 Combination Weaving Shirley Larid Dec 2007 A culmination of years of learning 20
A120722 Creative Possibilities Of Doll-Making Nanyoung Kim Dec 2007 Learn basic sewing and stitching techniques 22
A120724 Community Connections Irv Osterer Dec 2007 A crest for Canadians in Kandahar 24
A120729 Ir-resist-ible Snow People Kathleen Roche Dec 2007 Make a snow people out of mix-media 29
A120730 Rock The Cradle With Klimt Joan Sterling Dec 2007 Use line shape color pattern in the style of Gustav Klimt 30
A120732 Weavings With Character Lynda Taylor Dec 2007 Weave a character's body and clothing 32
A120734 There’s A Blizzard Rolling In Mary Ellen Haussler Dec 2007 Create a winter landscape using oil pastels on construction paper 34
A120737 Earth.. It's Got Art Debi West Dec 2007 Spectacular Snow Globes 37
A120739 Children's Art Diary George Sze´kely Dec 2007 hoo-Choo Artists 39
A120750 Tried And True Tips For Teachers Geri Greenman Dec 2007 Texture And Fiber 50


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