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2006 Articles | Arts & Activities
Jul 2015

2006 Articles


2006 Arts & Activities Magazine Articles

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Item Article Title Author Issue Date Issue Date Page
A010621 Imagining History Guy Hubbard Jan 2006 Teaching Art With Art 21
A010624 Integrating The Curriculum Susan Kegal Jan 2006 Taking Sides In Art 25
A010626 Art With Something To Say Joanne Von Sossan Jan 2006 Art reflecting like and the culture of its time 26
A010628 Cover Story: Amazing Art History Karen Skophammer Jan 2006 Create works of art in the styles of different artists and art movements 28
A010630 If You Build It They Will Come… A Renaissance Installation Debi West Jan 2006 Students work individually to create a collaborative piece of art work 30
A010632 Art Books For Young Spanish Speakers Isabel Schon Jan 2006 Extend Spanish-speaking children’s appreciation of the arts 32
A010634 Art Across The Curriculum Tara Cady Sartorius Jan 2006 Odd Infinitum 34
A010642 Creating Origami Chopstick Holders Denise B. Geier Jan 2006 Easy multicultural lesson that results in a product that is actually made and given as gifts 42
A010644 Aborigines And Iowans Making Connections Susan Kropa Jan 2006 Discover the symbolic meaning of Aborigine dot paintings and appreciate them as works of art 44
A010646 Honoring The Horse Patricia Rourk Jan 2006 Develop an awareness of American Indian are and their culture 46
A010649 Children's art diary George Sze´kely Jan 2006 Sound Artists 49
A020618 Face Vessels Robin Gianis Feb 2006 Original African-American Folk Art 18
A020620 A Dinner Party Of Their Own Tribute To Judy Chicago Rose-Ann C. Chrzanowski Feb 2006 Analyze The Meaning of July Chicago's Dinner Party and relate it to their own work 20
A020622 A Story To Remember: Southwest Indian Storytellers Marcia Gibson Feb 2006 Learn the significance of storyteller figures of the Pueblo Indians 22
A020624 Cover Story: Shades Of Clay Mark M. Johnson Feb 2006 A multi-cultural look at contemporay clay 26
A020632 Digitally Romare Melissa Linn Feb 2006 Students become familiar with the collage work of Romare Bearden 32
A020634 Animistic Appliances David Laux Feb 2006 Transfer concepts from another culture to express ideas that represent contemporary issue 34
A020636 Integrating The Curriculum Ellen McNally Feb 2006 Literacy Beasties: Reproduction of paintings by artists Georges Rouault 36
A020638 Put It On The Ceiling Maryanne Hamilton Feb 2006 Draw and design a ceiling painting with a theme appropriate for a room in your school 38
A020640 Cleve Sports Cartooning Karen Skophammer Feb 2006 Draw with pencils a cartoon that depict sports of their choosing 40
A030618 Feeling Like Frida Jannette Smith Anthos March 2006 Introduce famous mexican artists Frida Kahlo 18
A030621 Teaching Art With Art Guy Hubbard March 2006 Artistic Lettering 21
A030624 Art The Art Career Track Irv Oster March 2006 Eyesore No More 24
A030629 Get Into The Zone With Multimedia Shirley Laird March 2006 A contour drawing with a variety of media and techniques 29
A030630 Drawing With Glue Sandi Pippin March 2006 Draw from observation with contour line in pencil and colored glue 30
A030632 Form Follows Function Geri Greenman March 2006 Break down a object into part by using various mediums 32
A030634 Flowers With Lady Bugs Mary McNamera Mulkey with Susanne Malm March 2006 Learn to understand the element of line by drawing curved straight and looped lines 34
A030636 Wonderful World Of Warhol Karen Skophammer March 2006 A multimedia project using Andy Warhol art 36
A030638 On The Art Career Track Carrie Nethery March 2006 Logos By Design with pencil crayons 38
A040624 Collecting The Impressionists: Materpieces From The Sterling And Francine Clark Art Institute Mark M. Johnson April 2006 Learning From Exhibitions 24
A040628 Eeek! Insects Jumping From The Canvas Marie Anne Morgan Dazzi April 2006 Use painting to define line and distinguish forms 28
A040630 Art Across The Curriculum Tara Cody Sartorius April 2006 Modernist In Mexico 30
A040640 Friendly Rivals Irv Osterer April 2006 Raise the attention to World Peace with art 40
A040642 Painted Faces Gina Humphreys Booth April 2006 Drawing and painting unique faces 42
A040644 Making The Ordinary Special Geri Greenman April 2006 Pastel drawing in Wayne Thiebaud's style 44
A040646 Psychedelic Sunflowers Maryanne Rudecki April 2006 Vincent van Gogh style watercolor flowers 46
A040648 Earth's Careful Gardeners Pamela G. Taylor April 2006 Uncovering Connecting And Creating Meanings like Joseph Normans art 48
A040650 Gotcha Convered! Functional Mini-Masterpieces Julie Alsip Bucknan April 2006 Paint plastic outlet and light switch plates 50
A040651 Children's Art Diary George Sze´kely April 2006 Refrigerator Artists 51
A050618 Cover Story: The Virtual Scream Joan Sterling May 2006 Pixel Palette: Use the concepts of digital design to create a work of art 18
A050620 Trudeau Tribute Irv Osterer May 2006 Pixel Palette: Use graphic design to create postage stamps 20
A050622 Teaching Art With Art Guy Hubbard May 2006 Using Children's Art 22
A050630 Community Connections Karen Skophammer May 2006 Developing learning Communities through sculpture 30
A050632 Get Wrapped Up With Segal Holly Uecker-Herman May 2006 Make sculptures using a plaster-wrapping technique 32
A050633 Strategies That Work Bank On It! Cathy Murrary Grigsby May 2006 Paper-ma´che´ three-dimensional heads 33
A050634 If The Shoe Fits! Charl Anne Brew May 2006 Teach basic skills in three-dimensional multimedia 34
A050635 Character Portraits In Paper-Ma´che´ Beverly Wallace May 2006 Explore human expressions with three-dimensional art 35
A050637 Fish'in 3-D Gary Kohl May 2006 Make salt dough fish and put them into underwater paints 37
A050640 Artful Inclusion Rocky N. Tomascoff May 2006 Wire and Bead Constructions 40
A060618 Tribute Smocks Gale Goldman June 2006 Paint your old art smocks at the end of the school year 18
A060620 Cover Story: Masterpieces In Chalk Steve Lappe June 2006 Copy a masters art work onto a sidewalk with chalk 20
A060622 Tiffany-Insired Windows Robert Graff June 2006 Make stainglass windows drawings with pencils and markers 22
A060624 Simple Digital Portraits David Laux June 2006 Pixel Palette: Use technology to create works of art 24
A060626 Zoo Kids Judy Kalil June 2006 Use mix media to draw a human and animal face together 26
A060627 Children's Art Diary: See You Outside George Sze´kely June 2006 Make art with items from nature 27
A060628 Photographic Expression Paula Guhin June 2006 Colorize With Stains and Dyes 28
A060630 Art Across The Curriculum Tara Cody Sartorius June 2006 Naïve No More 30
A060637 Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson June 2006 Tradition and innovation in modern tapestries 37
A060640 Community Connections Tina E. S. Wagner June 2006 The Art Garden: Our outside Classroom 40
A090622 Cover Story: Let’s Use Our Art Eyes! Christine Braun Sept 2006 Gain experience in the basic skills of using brushes and paints by creating their own eye paintings 22
A090624 A Color Study Through Design Anita Shaw Sept 2006 Color study and drawing shapes 24
A090627 Symbols In Art Colleen Carroll Sept 2006 Studying art symbols through history 27
A090636 The “Value-able” Possibilities Of Brown Paper Bags Charl Anne Brew Sept 2006 Learn skills in recognizing value change and applying it successfully to a drawing 36
A090638 Stroking Sea Horses Demetrice P. Curtis Sept 2006 Create sea horses using handprints 38
A090640 Chagall-Inspired Drawings Jane Sutley Sept 2006 Create art using personal subject matter in the Chagall style 40
A090642 Cool Shoes Deborah C. Pope Sept 2006 Paint a drawing of a shoe with water colors 42
A090644 Embracing New Technology Natalie Selden Barnes Sept 2006 How a computer program changed my life 44
A100622 Cover Story: Mosaics Of Us Geri Greenman Oct 2006 Creatively use color in a mosaic style to create the sensation of form 22
A100624 Intergrating The Curriculum Betsy Murphy Oct 2006 Antique Coffee Collage 24
A100626 Paper-Glass Windows Clarie Blatchford Oct 2006 Clarie Blatchford 26
A100628 Children's Art Diary Geroge Sze´kely Oct 2006 The joy of cutting 28
A100634 Go For The Gold Joan Sterlin Oct 2006 Create a three-dimensional effect using line shape and pattern 34
A100636 Reality Rearrangement Keith A. Rosko Oct 2006 Use collage techniques with a range of subject matter symbols and ideas 36
A100638 Animals With A Mondrian Twist Bernice Patterson Oct 2006 Draw animals in a Piet Mondrian style 38
A100640 On The Career Track Irv Osterer Oct 2006 Create a front page for a tabloid with images text captions and headlines 40
A100642 Imaginative Instruments Sharon St. Clair Oct 2006 Learn simple design principles and techniques with drawing instruments 42
A100644 Klee Greature Landscapes Casey M. Polczynski Oct 2006 Learn to apply watercolor using the wet-on-wet watercolor technique 44
A100646 Clay Corner Mary Ann Bignall Oct 2006 Pinch-Pot Jack-o-Lanterns 46
A110615 Cover Story: Learning From Exhibitions Mark M. Johnson Nov 2006 William H. Johnson’s World On Paper 15
A110619 Forum Thoughts To Share Jo Ann Brown Nov 2006 Thumb’s The Word: Create art using your thumb 19
A110620 Printmaking: A Studio Level Introduction Keith A. Rosko Nov 2006 Use their hands stamps and sponges to make negative space printing 20
A110622 Art Across The Curriculum Tara Cody Sartorius Nov 2006 Escape Artist 22
A110630 Supremely Singular Geri Greenman Nov 2006 Learn a new technique that incorporates drawing but results in a print 30
A110632 Screaming On Scratch-Foam Sharon St. Clair Nov 2006 Transferring an image from scratch-foam onto paper 32
A110634 Community Connections Jill W. Hunt Nov 2006 The Art-Bag Project: Service-Learning In Art 34
A110636 Mythical Mimicry In Modeling Clay And Linoleum Karen Skophammer Nov 2006 Bring printmaking and clay sculptures together 36
A110650 Tried And True Tips For Art Teachers Geri Greenman Nov 2006 Printmaking 50
A120617 ’Tis The Seaon For Grinches! Irv Osterer Dec 200 Contempory takes on the Grinch motif 17
A120618 Poinsettia Perfection Temple Skelton Moore Dec 2006 Make poinsettia art with pastels and sponges 18
A120620 Weaving Sophisticated Expression Marica Buban Dec 2006 Learn weaving terminology and construct a simple loom 20
A120622 Mola Inspired Craig Hinshaw Dec 2006 Learn about the culture of the Cuna Indians of Panamoa and the molas they create 22
A120624 Puppets: Speak A Universal Language Karen Skopammer Dec 2006 Make animal puppets out of felt 24
A120629 Children’s Art Diary Geroge Sze´kely Dec 2006 A Bed Is A Canvas 29
A120630 What Is A Snoval? Mary Ellen Haussler Dec 2006 Transfrom the oval into a “snoval” (snowperson) using a variety of materials and the collage method of construction 30
A120632 A Fiber Lesson: Southwestern Style Teri Dexheimer Joyce Dec 2006 Southwestern weaving with prints stencils paint and stitchery 32
A120634 Marvelous Modeling Paste… Painting With Texture Paula Guhin Dec 2006 Learn to paint with the techniques of impasto and scumbling 34


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