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2005 Articles | Arts & Activities
Jul 2015

2005 Articles


2005 Arts & Activities Magazine Articles

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Item Article Title Author Issue Date Issue Date Page
A010519 Cover Story: Learning from Exhibitions Augustus Saint – Gaudens American Sculptor Of The Gilded Age Mark M. Johnson Jan 2005 Augustus Saint-Gaudens is the American sculptor of the 19th century 19
A010524 Generational Teaching: Turning art students into lifelong learners Kimberly B. Severance Jan 2005 Involve parents and students in learning about art 24
A010526 Kudos To Kandinsky Christine MacPherson Jan 2005 An expressionist creativity with oil pastels and tissues 26
A010528 Pinned To Surrealism Geri Greenman Jan 2005 Surrealism projects and what its about 28
A010530 Fans of Art History Shirley Laird Jan 2005 Create your own fans with art history 30
A010532 Glass Mosaics Rubin Steinberg Jan 2005 Make your own mosaic with broken colored glass 32
A010541 Forum Thoughts to Share: Exchanging Ideas with Artists on the Internet Judith F. Ide Jan 2005 Create birds with wire papier-mache paint and colorful feathers 41
A010542 Masai Magic Gopika Parikh Jan 2005 Learn to create patterns of artwork based on African textiles 42
A010544 Talking Sticks Melissa Verdier Jan 2005 Creating "Talking Sticks" with sticks 44
A010546 Pictographic Pouches Kathleen Roche Jan 2005 Create Indian pictographic pouches with brown paper bags 46
A020518 Storytellers Turning Our Experiences Into Art Michael E. Prater Feb 2005 Creating storyteller figurines 18
A020520 Idea In A Box Sister Janet Marie Geist Feb 2005 Create your own idea box out of clay 20
A020522 The Plate As A Canvas Toni Chambers Feb 2005 Be able to create a three dimensional plate from clay 22
A020531 Children's Art Diary: Trashcan Artists George Szekely Feb 2005 Images of childrens work made out of discarded items 31
A020532 Courtyard Connections Cathy Murray Grigsby Feb 2005 Make a fountain out of high-fire stoneware 32
A020542 Nonobjective Black And White Design Challenge Karen Skophammer Feb 2005 Create different black and white images with pencils and black markers 42
A020548 Imaginary X-rays Shelley Phillips Feb 2005 Create your own x-ray out of crayons 48
A020550 Pixel Palette: An Appetite For Design Irv Osterer Feb 2005 Make a cook book 50
A030523 Forum Thoughts to Share: Illuminated by African Light Carole Brown March 2005 Article on the Namibian family from Africa 23
A030524 Cover Story: Fun With Yarnikin Dancers Gina Humphreys Booth March 2005 Create your own dancer out of watercolors 24
A030534 Memories Make The Art Grow Fonder Geri Greenman 2005 Create an image from personal keepsakes 34
A030536 Exploring Ceramic Cultural Traditions Through Drawing Nanyoung Kim March 2005 Create line drawings of different vessels from Ancient Greece Korea Zuni and Inca 36
A030538 Students Real Comics Brian Fried March 2005 Student – made – comics 38
A030540 Light the Way with Abstract Lanterns Mary McNamara Mulkey and Susanne Malm March 2005 Create your own lantern with crayons 40
A030542 Saul Steinberg Revisitied Irv Osterer March 2005 Illustrations of different states and countries 42
A030544 Self-Portrait Exhibit Spike Dolomite Ward March 2005 Create your own portrait with markers paint crayons 44
A040518 Cover Story: In The Manner Of… Geri Greenman April 2005 Research artists to choose whose technique/style/ they'd like to emulate 18
A040520 Painting Watercolor Fractions Ellen McNally April 2005 Paint with watercolors different images 20
A040522 Template Magic David Laux April 2005 Establish foreground-background relationship by placement of forms 22
A040529 Trompe l'oeil: The Art of Illusion Mark M. Johnson April 2005 Oil canvases of illusions 29
A040533 Leaping Lizards Cheryl Crumpecker April 2005 Images of lizards done by watercolors and paper 33
A040534 Great Portraits Out Of The Blue Len Mathes April 2005 Portraits done by white and black charcoal pencils and watercolor paint 34
A040536 Let's Have A Paint – Along! Paula Guhin April 2005 Create a landscape out of watercolors and paint 36
A040538 Hawksbill Sea Turtle Endangered Animals Unit Tara L. Kanevski April 2005 Create your own turtle out of tissue paper and paintbrushes 38
A040540 Exploring Movement And Rhythm With Hard-Edge Painting Karen Skophammer April 2005 Create a hard edge effect with paintbrushes watercolors paper and masking tape 40
A050518 Cover Story: Free-Standing Cardboard Sculpture Kenneth O'Connell May 2005 Create a large sculpture out of Cardboard that supports itself and stands firmly in place 18
A050520 Stuck on Sculpture Robert Hunger May 2005 Create an image out of cellophane wrap 20
A050529 Gargoyles Galore Gary Kohl May 2005 Create your own gargoyle with self-hardening clay 29
A050530 Wire Sculpture & The Language of Forms Greg Hauss May 2005 Learn about abstract sculpture and the language of form with wire 30
A050532 Constructing Domes Susan Newman May 2005 Create a dome out of a ballon paper mache construction paper and paste 32
A050534 Mobiles: Art That Moves! Michelle Crosby May 2005 Create a mobile out of aluminum sheets and steel beams 34
A050536 Art Moments from Playtime George Szekeley May 2005 Why you should let your kids play with toys 36
A050538 Letters…fill 'em up! Irv Osterer May 2005 Create a letter and fill it up with different pictures 38
A050540 Wild images Cynthia Cox Farris May 2005 Create a fun and wacky picture out of white and black paper 40
A060520 Mixed-Media Environments with Animals Robert Graff June 2005 Create an animal with its environment out of watercolors markers paper 20
A060522 What's Your Pet's Story? Karen Skophammer June 2005 Create a pet and their story with paint paintbrushes and paper 22
A060524 Underwater Wonders Paula Guhin June 2005 Design marine life out of cardboard and paint 24
A060526 Color Under The Sea Sandi Pippin June 2005 Design an underwater world out of paints 26
A060528 Sand Casting Cynthia Cox Farris June 2004 Create an image out of damp sand and shapes that make prints 28
A060530 Casting Shadows Geri Greenman June 2005 Images of casted images on paper 30
A060537 Learning From Exhibitions: It's A Dog's Life Mark M. Johnson June 2005 Photographs by William Wegman from the Polaroid Collection 37
A060540 Through Each Other's Eyes Peter Hiller June 2005 Photographic expression 40
A060542 Brush up on Art by Painting with Light Karen Skophammer June 2005 Learning composition and light with photography 42
A090520 Who Does The Art Belong To? Janice C. Freise Sept 2005 Forum: Thoughts To Share 20
A090522 Monet's Ice-Cream Party: A Visual Treat Teri Dexheimer Joyce Sept 2005 Create your favorite treat out of markers and paper 22
A090524 Elementary design: What Can You Do With A 2-Inch Square? Julie Alsip Bucknam Sept 2005 Experiment and use repetition to create a patterned design 24
A090534 Planes & Angles Geri Greenman Sept 2005 Learn to render light shade and dramatic shadows with graphite pencils 34
A090536 Art Across The Cirrriculum: Field of Dreams Tara cady Sratorius Sept 2005 Different images and different projects 36
A090539 Corny Creative Scarecrows Georgia Johnson Sept 2005 Create your very own scarecrow out of wood and corn husks 39
A090540 Cool or Warm Fruit Karen Skophammer Sept 2005 Create fruit on graph paper with markers 40
A090542 The Illustrated Name: A Different Kind Of “Portrait” Teri Dexheimer Joyce Sept 2005 Design your name in a cool fun way with paper and markers 42
A090544 Getting The Information Graphically Michele Mosco Sept 2005 Create a web to hold your information in a neat and organized way 44
A100520 Cover Story: If Picasso Made Witches Cynthia H. Sheeler Oct 2005 Use paper glue and makers to create humorous Picasso Witches 20
A100524 Learning From Exhibitors: Robert Rauschenberg Artist citizen…Posters for a Better World Mark M. Johnson Oct 2005 Create a poster to promote a Better World 24
A100533 Shape Self-Portraits Vicki Salvatori Oct 2005 Create a brightly colored self-portrait out of construction paper 33
A100534 Panda-Monium and Dancing Dragons Bev Grady Oct 2005 Design a panda or a dragon out of paper crepe paper and paper plates 34
A100536 Cutting-Edge Portraits Len Mathes Oct 2005 Create a cutting-edge portrait with a projector tracing and drawing line 36
A100538 Lizards Extrardinaire Mary Lu Lovett Oct 2005 Create a three-dimensional surrealistic lizard within an environment 38
A100540 Color Birds: Start With A Painting End With Collage Teri Dexheimer Joyce Oct 2005 Design your own colorful bird out of paper and watercolors 40
A100542 La Joie De Vivre Marcia Gibson Oct 2005 Create a leaf with acetate sheets tissue paper and white glue 42
A100544 On The Art Career Track: Banking in Style Irv Osterer Oct 2005 Learning graphic design 44
A100546 Integrating The Curriculum: Turning Images into Stories Cynthia Compton Oct 2005 Tell a story with watercolors 46
A110518 Cover Story: Turn Over A New Leaf..Printmaking And Painting Pair Up Paula Guhin Nov 2005 Create a leaf project with leaves watercolors and paper 18
A110520 Pop-Art Printmaking Nancy Marion Nov 2005 Create an image of yourself with different colors 20
A110529 Children's Art Diary: Print-Store Artists George Szekley Nov 2005 Art-Class Printing Stores 29
A110530 Linoleum Leaf Prints Karen Skophammer Nov 2005 Create an unique image of a leaf 30
A110532 Photographic Expression: Photograms With X-Rays..X-Cellent! Paula Guhin Nov 2005 Create your own x-ray in school with contact print and photogram 32
A110534 Kinghts in Shining Armor Michele Curio Nov 2005 Design a suit of armor out of aluminum 34
A110536 Projecting Through Perspective Geri Greenman Nov 2005 Images of numbers a letters 36
A110538 You Are What You Eat Michele Curio Nov 2005 Learn about the work of Renaissance artist Giuseppe Arcimboldo 38
A120517 Artful Inclusion Anne Vize Dec 2005 Making Art Activities work for student with special needs 17
A120518 Cover Story: Mixed-Media Textured Techniques Karen Skophammer Dec 2005 Create your own textured design from corrugated cardboard and paper 18
A120520 Dynamic Dragons Deborah Lenny Dec 2005 Design a dragon on paper with watercolors 20
A120522 Learning from Exhibitors: Contemporary African-American Folk Quilts Mark. M Johnson Dec 2005 Contemporary African-American Folk Quilts 22
A120528 Pet Placemates Stephanie Stamm Dec 2005 Understand media techniques and process by creating a floorcloth 28
A120530 Intergrating the Curriculum: Stitching Together Spanish and the Visual Art Sharon Stover with Carl Anne Brew Dec 2005 Create spanish styled tapestries 30
A120532 Little Fingers Weaving Big Projects Beth Bogart Lorrie Stiles and Jan White with Peter Hiller Dec 2005 Weaving Big Projects 32
A120534 Space Exploration Henrietta O. Ladson Dec 2005 Create your own space exploration with paper and oil pastels 34
A120536 Recipes For Middle-School Success Jane Sutley Dec 2005 Improve graphic design skills and make a cook book 36


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