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Jul 2015

2004 Articles


2004 Arts & Activities Magazine Articles

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Item Article Title Author Issue Date Issue Date Page
A010418 Cover Story: The Fires of Pharaonic Art Julia Simpson-Akin Jan 2004 Creating a mural of ancient culture art 18
A010422 Integrating the Curriculum: Art Breaks the Language Barrier Charl Anne Brew Jan 2004 Spanning the grades making books in a foreign language of spanish or italian artists to share 22
A010424 Passport to Understanding Marianne Knipe Jan 2004 Making stamped passports and learning about multi-culturaism 24
A010426 Community Connections: Students Take Part in PBS Auction Keith A Rosko Jan 2004 Student art auction on PBS 26
A010428 Children's Art Diary: Small-Scale Artist George Szekely Jan 2004 Children's art scale is palm-sized toy-sized 28
A010430 Art to Art: Children Make Friends Across International Boundaries Yvonne Greene Jan 2004 Japanese inspired Three Portraits- a panel of 3 different occasions 30
A010432 Sotho Beaded Dolls Meri Lee Jan 2004 South African beaded bridal dolls for elementary students 32
A010437 Teaching Art with Art: Predators Guy Hubbard Jan 2004 Predator paintings- different artists' works of predators 37
A010441 Who let the shoes out? Marcia Gibson Jan 2004 Warhol style shoe drawings with clever puns 41
A020414 Zoom…In Geri Greenman Feb 2004 To visually capture the scale tonality color and textures of chosen objects using prismacolor pencils 14
A020416 Teaching Tolerance Through Art: Art Can Make the World More Peaceful Karen Skophammer Feb 2004 Inspired by Faith Ringgold making quilt block drawings of feelings and tolerance 16
A020418 Cover Story: Sea Treasures… An Interview with Debbie Weinstein Harriet Gamble Feb 2004 Interview with Debbie Weinstein 18
A020422 Art Across the Curriculum: The Scoop on the Dish Tara Cady Sartorius Feb 2004 Studying the asian porcelain trade 22
A020429 Learning from Exhibitions: Picasso… 25 Years of Edition Ceramics from the Edward & Ann Weston Collection Mark M Johnson Feb 2004 Picasso pottery 29
A020432 From Simple Post to Pillars of Character Chyril Ayotte Feb 2004 Creating tiled art pillars of character traits 32
A020434 Clay Construction: Theme Pots Karen Skophammer Feb 2004 Small clay theme pots 34
A020435 Southwestern Clay Medallions Linda Rocks Feb 2004 Clay southwestrn style necklace medallions 35
A020436 Artful Inclusion: Fun & Function with Clay Rocky N Tomascoff Feb 2004 Fun with clay: making a set of goblets and ice cream bowls 36
A030416 Cover Story: Tropical Rain Forest Frogs Laura Kahler March 2004 Learn to use oil pastels to create a specific type of tropical rain forest frog 16
A030418 Coil around Composition Geri Greenman March 2004 Create a dimensional drawing or painting from observations 18
A030420 A Bright Approach To Paper Batik Gail Elizabeth Loder March 2004 Create a piece of art using paper batik and oil pastels 20
A030422 An Observational Drawing Project Nanyoung Kim March 2004 Drawing from observation using colored pencils and color harmonies 22
A030424 Pixel Palette: Type Faces Irv Osterer March 2004 Creating typographical portraits conveying human emotions 24
A030429 Joan Miro: Pure color shape line and space Lois Vederman March 2004 Using Joan Mira as inspiration create a Miro like animal painting 29
A030430 Art reflects art Gary Kohl March 2004 Creating half a design using symmetry and understanding what focal point is 30
A030432 At sentinel ranch: Michael Hurd Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth Barbara Herberholz March 2004 The story of Michael Hurd and his parents Peter Hurd and Henriette Wyeth 32
A030436 Children's Art Diary: Block Playing Artists George Szekely March 2004 Art: using blocks 36
A040425 Cover Story: Learning from Exhibitions… George Catlin and his indian gallery Mark M Johnson April 2004 George Catlin's spectacular exhibition 25
A040430 Intuitive Painting: Tapping Into Creative Accidents FNG Smith April 2004 Learning abstract expressionist painting styles through the intuition 30
A040432 Creative Collaborations: Art Musuem Full of Educational Opportunities Melanie Fales April 2004 K-1 Self portraits painting details first 32
A040434 Art Across The Cirriculum: A Virtual Visit Tara Cady Sartorius April 2004 Artist Dick Jemison- taking ideas from others 34
A040441 Teaching Art With Art: Landscape Messages Guy Hubbard April 2004 Landscape paintings and personal interpretation 41
A040445 Bluebirds of Happiness Pat Johns April 2004 Paintings blue birds on branches 45
A040446 But It Doesn't Look Like Me Lisa Arthur April 2004 Self portraits using expressions and emotion 46
A040448 Just Desserts: Feeding Appetites And Imaginations Michael Gerrish April 2004 Creating art paintings from favorite desserts and the experience of eating it 48
A040450 Dazzling Acrylic Portraits Len Mathes April 2004 Creating portraits from a digital picture b&w rendering and acrylics 50
A040452 Let's Get To The Point! Creating A Masterpiece Mural Charlotte Skurow April 2004 Creating a school mural of A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grand Jatte with thumbprints & acrylics 52
A040455 Painting Mugs With Color Schemes Nanyoung Kim April 2004 Designing mug artwork with a pleasing design 55
A050418 Cover Story: The Big Heads… Subtractive Sculptures that Know it All Charl Anne Brew May 2004 Using Olmec art as inspiration creating block sculptures of plaster and vermiculite 18
A050420 Fanciful Footlights Robert Basso May 2004 Creating a light sculpture from an everyday item the shoe 20
A050422 The World is My Studio: An Interview with Kathy Tacke Harriet Gamble May 2004 An interview with Kathy Tacke- elementary school teacher & jewelry artist 22
A050429 Need Some Relief? Try these Plaster Portraits Christina Zanni May 2004 Portrait sculptures made of plastered balloons & tempera paint 29
A050430 Sculpting In Black and White Iris Gershenson May 2004 Creating a three dimensional paper sculpture 30
A050432 Singing the Blues in New Orleans Gloria Gilliam Esthus May 2004 A collage made of blue board and acrylic paints 32
A050434 Good Grief It's a Gourd Karen Skophammer May 2004 Creating a sculpture that is inspired by the shape handed to you- in the form of a gourd 34
A050435 Children's Art Diary: Shelf Artists George Szekely May 2004 Learning 3-D design by organizing objects on a shelf 35
A050436 Floral Surprises Guy Hubbard May 2004 Floral artists 36
A060418 Cover Story: You See…It's Me! Cynthia Cox Farris June 2004 Creating life size portraits with tempera and cardboard 18
A060421 Final Assignment: Dazzle Me with Your Skills Geri Greenman June 2004 Creating distorted art from pictures bleach colored pencils and chalks 21
A060424 Lovely Lady Liberty Jane Carminati June 2004 Creating an original drawing of the statue of liberty with construction paper and crayons 24
A060426 Integrating the Curriculum: Artquarium Installation Alison J Lorion June 2004 Making a paper mache aquarium of underwater creatures 26
A060428 Breezy Palm Trees with Mixed Media Michelle Crosby June 2004 Studying nature's arrangement of line as seen in palm trees and creating art with black crayons and dry brushing 28
A060430 They Came Two by Two Cheryl Crumpecker June 2004 A watercolor of 2 animals with noah's ark inspired by small stuffed animals 30
A060432 Creative Pastel Plants Karen Skophammer June 2004 Creating a realistic plant with creative colors of chalk pastels 32
A060434 Art Across the Curriculum: Painting from the Heart Tara Cady Sartorius June 2004 The art of Charles Shannon 34
A060441 Learning from Exhibitions: Duane Hanson… Portraits from the Heartland Mark M Johnson June 2004 The realisitic sculptures of Duane Hanson 41
A060444 Parental Portraits Karen Skophammer June 2004 Kindergarten age: portraits of dad 44
A060446 Clay Corner: Roses Roses Darry Wukeson June 2004 Creating roses of clay for elementary students 46
A090418 Time for Art Education Julie Alsip Bucknam Sept 2004 Resource ideas for the art classroom 18
A090422 Cover Story: Glue Hue and Contours Too Paula Guhin Sept 2004 Creating flower art with glue black pen and watercolors 22
A090424 Art Across the Curriculum: True Grit Tara Cady Sartorius Sept 2004 Artist Jimmy Lee Sudduth: Painting with Mud 24
A090426 Motivating Music Angela Wilkins Sept 2004 Using music as a source of artistic inspiration 26
A090428 Like Snowflakes No Two Portraits are the Same Len Mathes Sept 2004 Creating elementary ability digital black and white portratis with colored snowflakes 28
A090437 Starry Night: Take 3 Joan Sterling Sept 2004 Recreating Van Gogh's Stary Night: 3 projects: for Kindegarten Third-Grade and Fifth-Grade 37
A090440 A Party For Art Geri Greenman Sept 2004 Party favors art: using color pencils colorless blenders and hot&cold press board 40
A090442 Learning to Paint with Teddy's Help Susan Newman Sept 2004 Painting a single still-life object: the teddy bear 42
A090444 Seasonal Shapes Karen Skophammer Sept 2004 Learning the difference between geometric and organic shapes: leaves 44
A090446 ICAF: Promoting Creativity and new Perspectives on the World Deborah Tempkin Sept 2004 The International Child Art Foundation 46
A090448 Let's Explore Line Shelley Phillips Sept 2004 Learning the basics of different types of lines 48
A090450 Welcome to the Choice Studio! Where students choose how to express their art ideas Katherine Douglas Sept 2004 Ideas for students choosing how to express their own art 50
A100420 Cover Story: Symmetrical Aliens Ellen McNally Oct 2004 Creating symmetrical cut aliens out of colored paper 20
A100424 Recycling Renaissance: Snap Crackle and Art… A Commercial Success in Abstract Design Steve King Oct 2004 Creating abstract art out of assorted patterned or textured papers 24
A100426 Learning from Exhibitions: The Prints of Jacob Lawrence Mark M Johnson Oct 2004 The works of Jacob Lawrence 26
A100433 Art in Motion Kathy Cunningham Oct 2004 Using paper plates and fluorescent paint to create circular and curved art 33
A100434 Apples of a Different Color Mary Lu Lovett Oct 2004 Symmetrical apples of different colors made of tag board and tissue paper 34
A100436 Salad Anyone? Lynda Taylor Oct 2004 Creating a 3-dimensional paper salad with a character face of historical or cartoon charaters 36
A100438 Monster Mash Geri Greenman Oct 2004 Creating sketches with colored pencils of stuffed still life character masks 38
A100440 Frank Lloyd Light Clay R Mosley Oct 2004 Creating stained glass like window designs of paper watercolors and black construction paper 40
A100442 Children's Art Diary: School Bus Artists George Szekely Oct 2004 Art inspired by school buses 42
A100444 Clay Corner: Total Trasformation… Mask Making Karen Skophammer Oct 2004 Making cultural masks of clay and of paper and tissue 44
A110416 Artful Inclusion: Small Wonders Krista McDevitt Nov 2004 Art & children with autism 16
A110420 Cover Story: Adventures in Foreshortening Susan Buck Nov 2004 Using and understanding foreshortening and watercolor 20
A110422 Art Across the Curriculum: Impression Expression Tara Cady Sartorius Nov 2004 Learning from Ed Ruscha's art 22
A110424 Integrating the Curriculum: One Man's Science Karen Skophammer Nov 2004 Art from topography maps-colored pencil and lines 24
A110429 Pixel Palette: Tokens of our Hearts Paula Guhin Nov 2004 Creating digital monotages from family keepsakes 29
A110430 Navajo Blcok Prints Lisa Blanchette Nov 2004 Creating Navajo block prints with acrylic 30
A110432 Outback/Cutback Kathy Cunningham Nov 2004 Using reduction printing to create basic Australian Aboriginal art 32
A110434 Captivating Collagraphs Paula Guhin Nov 2004 Collage relief print 34
A110436 Donuts and coffee with Wayne Theibaud Mary Novak-Connair Nov 2004 Watercolors of donuts & coffee and oil of toys 36
A110438 Star Books Craig Hinshaw Nov 2004 Three dimensional book 38
A110440 Found Letters of the Alphabet Peter Hiller Nov 2004 Finding letters of the alphabet in everyday objects 40
A120416 Circus ABC Thais Wright Dec 2004 Create an aplique of a circus performer connecting visual and language arts 16
A120420 Cover Story: Straws are for more than sipping Barbara Herberholz Dec 2004 Creating woven bands from straw and yarn 20
A120422 A Community Quilt Rose-Ann C Chrzanowski Dec 2004 Creating a classroom quilt with muslin and paint printing techniques 22
A120429 Children's Art Diary: Performance Artists George Szekely Dec 2004 Finding life and performance in everyday objects 29
A120430 Painted Weaving Collage Cissy Hamilton Dec 2004 Weaving with yarn & paper plates and creating a painted masterpiece 30
A120432 The Three C's of Coiling Louise M Bigss Dec 2004 Creating a coiled basket 32
A120434 Chair Portraits Geri Greenman Dec 2004 Using oil paints to give a painted presence to chairs 34
A120436 Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow Marlene Wahila Dec 2004 Folk-art inspired snow scense with acrylics 36
A120438 Luminara Sandi Pippin Dec 2004 Creating a style of candle holder called Luminara using glaze bisque ware 38


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