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Jul 2015

2003 Articles


2003 Arts & Activities Magazine Articles

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Item Article Title Author Issue Date Issue Date Page
A010322 Cover Story: Aboriginal Adventure Sherry Armstrong Jan 2003 Using a vast palette of colors reflecting the richness of Aboriginal culture 22
A010324 Teaching Art with Art: Serpentine Solutions Guy Hubbard Jan 2003 Using the serpentine/snake in art 24
A010328 Exploring American-Indian Art: Making a Parflech Donald Gruber Jan 2003 Using brown paper to make the luggage of the Plains People 28
A010330 The Geography o f US Geri Greenman Jan 2003 Combining drawing a self portrait and ancestory 30
A010332 Cave Kids: Pecos-River Style Art Sylvia T Clark Jan 2003 Using tempera to create abstract expressionist paintings 32
A010334 Art Across the Cirriculum: Myth Meaning and Mystery Tara Cady Sartorius Jan 2003 Bio of Allan Clark 34
A010341 Mini Metal Masks Cynthia Henn Jan 2003 Making metal masks involving the culture and art of West Africa 41
A010342 Pixel Palette: Finding Your Place in Art History Lauren Parmelee Murphy Jan 2003 Selecting a favorite masterpiece as a self portrait environment 42
A010344 Integrating the Cirriculum: Minting History Gary Kohl Jan 2003 Visually capturing history on coins of paper and clay 44
A010346 Community Connections: Organizing a Student Art Auction Judy Domeny Bowen Jan 2003 Showcasing artistic abilities 46
A020314 Hearts and Flowers: Learning to Enlarge Images Judy Kalil Feb 2003 Learning to enlarge from a small drawing to a large blank sheet of paper 14
A020316 Cover Story: Colorful and Lively..An Interview with Jude Odell Harriet Gamble Feb 2003 Interview: Jude Odell creates handbuilt sculptures vessels and goblets 16
A020320 Art in the Garden Geri Greenman Feb 2003 A functional clay piece with sculptural concepts 20
A020322 Creating a Total Object of Art Evelyn Busch Klie Feb 2003 Nurturing a sense of craft and care as students shape their ideas into a tangible product 22
A020324 Fish Dishes Marie Derby Feb 2003 Fish shaped dishes made of clay 24
A020329 Learning from Exhibitions: The Artful Teapot Mark M Johnson Feb 2003 Shape size function and decoration of teapots 29
A020333 If I Could Be A Door: Unlocking Imagination and Creativity Karen Skophammer Feb 2003 Making and designing doors of clay 33
A020334 Intergrating the Cirriculum: Japanese Teabowls.. A Historical Look and a Class Project Sara Grove Macaulay Feb 2003 Making Japanese Teabowls of clay 34
A023336 Community Connections: Kuba Kids and an Airport Lenee Ellerwith Eugene Grigsby Jr Feb 2003 Reproducing art history and investigating the narrative 36
A020345 Children's Art Diary: Doll Artists George Szekely Feb 2003 Looking a different forms of children's doll/sculptures 45
A030314 Cover Story: Tour the Galaxy of the Abstract Patricia Kennedy March 2003 Drawing objects and focusing on two art elements: shape and space 14
A030316 Before and After: An Exploration into Narrative Kelly Clark March 2003 Reproducing art history and investigating the narrative 16
A030318 A New Face on an Old Project Pat Johns March 2003 Scribbled lines art appreciation & art history: using the imagination 18
A030319 Horror Vacui Symmetry Cheryl Crumpecker March 2003 Fear of empty space: Using symmetry and borders 19
A030320 Playing Games with Art Geri Greenman March 2003 Compose a colored pencil portion drawing of a board game 20
A030322 Visual and Verbal Patricia Rourk March 2003 Integrating art terms into students' descriptive language 22
A030324 Mr Degas and Mr Calder Go to the Ballet Kate Cross March 2003 Viewing live ballet and then drawing still life 24
A030330 Let's Face It You Gotta Have Art! A Collaborative Youth Art Month Lesson Deborah D West and Betsy Lilliston March 2003 Creating proportionate self portrait drawings using black outline pens and colorful markers 30
A030332 Michangelo in Florence Leonardo in Vinci Barbara Herberholz March 2003 A visit to Florence and Vinci 32
A040328 Cover Story: Waxing Poetic Geri Greenman April 2003 Indonesian form of hand printing with watercolor paper and wax 28
A040330 Teaching Art with Art: Dynamic Squares Guy Hubbard April 2003 Squares in art 30
A040334 Flowers and Landscape by Serendipity Sandi Pippin April 2003 Using water color paper & tissue to create impressionist type paintings 34
A040336 The Power of Expression Susan Buck April 2003 Focusing on the inner sould: creating self portraits 36
A040338 Art Across the Curriculum: Show Me a Sign Tara Cady Sartorius April 2003 Sign art: Robert Cottingham 38
A040345 Creating Chemigrams in the Classroom Paula Guhin April 2003 Using otherwise ruined photo paper to create art 45
A040346 A Personal Point of View Karen Skophammer April 2003 Photography: capturing point of view 46
A040348 Watergraphs: Exploring the World of Art with Instant Photography Gloria Rzadko-Henry April 2003 Watercolor rendering painted over an instant photographic image 48
A040350 Forum: You still use a darkroom? Peter Hiller April 2003 Using traditional cameras and developing methods 50
A040351 Learning from Exhibitions: Fairfield Porter… A life in art 1907-1975 Mark M Johnson April 2003 Fairfield Porter: a summary 51
A040354 A Picture Memory Thais Wright April 2003 Mother and child paintings 54
A040356 Shoreline Paintings Michelle Rollings April 2003 Painting reflections in a seascape 56
A040358 Integrating the Cirriculum: Illustrated Idioms Karen Skophammer April 2003 Painting the hidden meanings of idioms 58
A040360 Children's Art Diary: Gift-Giving Artists George Szekely April 2003 Giving art as gifts 60
A050318 Cover Story: Life-Size Sculptural Heads… A lesson in three-dimensional design Harriet Gamble May 2003 Three dimensional faces using Scultamould 18
A050320 Artful Inclusion: Imagination Visualized in Wire Karen Skophammer May 2003 Wire sculptures 20
A050322 Plaster People.. A La George Segal Michele Boulay May 2003 Creating plaster self portratin sculptures 22
A050324 Integrating The Curriculum: Looking into Space Craig Hinshaw May 2003 Space Helmets Paper Sculpture & Life Size Astronauts 24
A050326 The Beginning that Begins Again… And Again… And Again Tara Cady Sartorius May 2003 William Zorach: A Summary 26
A050333 On the Art Career Track: Strange Brew Irv Osterer May 2003 Effective graphic design labels 33
A050334 Basic Metal Plate Jewlery Construction Hugh Petersen May 2003 Copper plate basic technique jewlery keychains 34
A060322 Cover Story: Just Beneath the Surface Geri Greenman June 2003 Portraits using acrylics and oil paints 22
A060324 Teaching Art with Art: Artistic Homage Guy Hubbard June 2003 Raoul Dufy: A Summary 24
A060328 Windows to Art Excitement Shirley Laird and Cheryl Crumpecker June 2003 Painting on art room windows 28
A060330 Learning from Exhibitions: Creativity…The Flowering Tornado Art by Ginny Ruffner Mark M Johnson June 2003 Art and Summary of Ginny Ruffner 30
A060337 Horizontal And Vertical Line Designs Pat Johns June 2003 Using horizontal and vertical lines in art 37
A060338 Build a Castle! Cynthia Cox Farris June 2003 Building a castle with paper mache 38
A060340 Sixth Grade Gallery Project Frances Clem June 2003 School staff art gallery 40
A060342 Children's Art Diary: Water Artists George Szekely June 2003 Water art and play- sculpture 42
A060343 Blob Flowers Elaine Canfield June 2003 Using watercolor and fine tipped pens to create flowers 43
A090320 Walk into the New Year with Funky Shoes Shonda Smith Sept 2003 Contour Drawing: Funky Shoes 20
A090322 Art Across the Cirriculum: Urban Redux Tara Cady Sartorius Sept 2003 Ralston Crawford: A Summary 22
A090325 Cover Story: Young Artist…Neil Patel Judith C Johnson Sept 2003 A young artist letter and art examples 25
A090333 Building Dragons with Basic Shapes Karen Parker Sept 2003 Painting basic dragons with tempera paint 33
A090334 Nesting Instincts Geri Greenman Sept 2003 Drawing from nature: bird's nests 34
A090336 Paul Klee's Magic Squares Ellen McNally Sept 2003 Patchwork painting inspired by Paul Klee using tempera 36
A090338 Tigers with Artistic Style Maureen Holt Sept 2003 Designing the school mascot and inspired by a famous artist 38
A090339 Pixel Palette: Palm Animation Craig Hinshaw Sept 2003 Learning about the basic principles of animation 39
A090340 Patterned Still-Life Paintings Sue Newman Sept 2003 Painting still life/shapes using tempera to mix color values 40
A090342 Masterwork Art Lesson: Kandisnsky Watercolors Michael LiPira Sept 2003 A lesson emphasizing line balance and color using watercolor 42
A100320 Eye Candy Geri Greenman Oct 2003 Color-rendeering assignment of students' favorite treats using prismacolor pencils on illustration board 20
A100322 Picasso's Posies Marcia Gibson Oct 2003 Painting Picasso style flowers with watercolor 22
A100324 Getting Down to the Roots in Art Susan Buck Oct 2003 Modern genre scenes using colored pencil and magazines 24
A100325 Explode into Abstraction Kathy Cunningham Oct 2003 Creating bottles and glassware from assorted papers 25
A100326 Cat on a Rug Hugh Petersen Oct 2003 Cat cut-outs: painting and coloring 26
A100331 Learning from Exhibitions: African-American Works on Paper Mark M Johnson Oct 2003 Exploring African American artists 31
A100335 The Point of May Returns Steve King Oct 2003 One point perspective and collage construction 35
A100336 Clay Corner: Teaching Writing and Making… An Interview with Richard Zakin Harriett Gamble Oct 2003 An interview with Richard Zakin 36
A100348 Trees: Naturally Inspirational Cynthia McGovern Oct 2003 Appreciating trees and creating watercolor/pencil creations 48
A100350 Children's Art Diary: Home Chore Artists George Szekely Oct 2003 Finding art in home chores 50
A110317 Monoprints on Clay Harriet Gamble Nov 2003 Using clay slip and plaster to create art of the countryside 17
A110320 Acrobatic Snowmen: Printmaking in Action Karen Skophammer Nov 2003 Gesture drawing and printmaking 20
A110322 H'Andy Warhol: Prints lead to 15 minutes of fame Marcia Gibson Nov 2003 Learning about Andy Warhol by making handprints full of color 22
A110331 Printmaking on a Budget Katrine J Trantham Nov 2003 Print making with freezer paper ink and string 31
A110334 Six-Legged Celebration: A Frankensteinian Conglometration of Bugs Karen Bonda Nov 2003 Bug art using lineloeum glue pencils and printing ink 34
A110336 Multiple Originals Multiple Originals Nov 2003 Self portrait prints: monotype embossing and lineolium 36
A110338 Art Show Posters Irv Osterer Nov 2003 Art show posters to publicize the event 38
A110339 Animal Groups Guy Hubbard Nov 2003 Animal groups in art 39
A120318 Cover Story: Puppets with Personality Cheryl Crumpecker Dec 2003 Creating dressed up animal puppets with felt 18
A120320 Stone Washed Watercolor Jane Setlik Dec 2003 Using Sheila Hicks as inspiration\creating watercolor paintings of own jeans 20
A120322 Integrating the Curriculm: Plant Imprinting on Fabric Sandi Cirillo Dec 2003 Using real flowers and a hammer to create natural pigment impressions on a tote bag 22
A120324 Foil Weavings Len Mathes Dec 2003 Creating a weaving using foil 24
A120326 Dyes for Dinner? Jeri Deo Dec 2003 Using fruits vegetables and flowers to create dyes 26
A120331 Learning from Exhibitions: The Quilts of Gee's Bend Mark M Johnson Dec 2003 Gee's Bend Alabama- quilts created by residents 31
A120334 Face Value Geri Greenman Dec 2003 selfportrait using sanguine conte ebony pencil turpenoid and vellum 34
A120336 Winter Magic Cathy Murray Grigsby Dec 2003 Creating winter sky scenes with lots of color 36
A120338 Who can draw owls? Joan Cassidy Dec 2003 Owls- drawing and clay 38