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      Concept, Composition, Confidence, Contrast, Color Harmony, Character, Courage      
      By Dan Bartges      
      Assignment 4 In A Series Of 10: CONFIDENCE, Part I of II      
      Painting can sometimes test an artist's nerve, but there are specific ways to
strengthen one's self confidence. (Dan Bartges, Can of Brushes. Oil.)
      Arranging the paints on your palette in the same order every time will help give you a sense of control over the creative process, as well as save you time when painting.      
      A preliminary study (above) will help boost one's self confidence and improve
the quality of the finished painting (below). Dan Bartges. Deep in the Forest.
Oil; 60" x 35". Oil study and finished painting by Dan Bartges.

1Q According to sports-performance expert, Tim Gallwey, what is "the basic but elusive ingredient for all top performances"?

1A The ingredient is self-confidence.

2Q What does the term "inner artist" mean?

2A "Inner artist" is every person's subconscious capability for artistic expression.

3Q How do scrimmages help an athlete?

3A Scrimmages, or practice plays, help improve performance by providing players with a vivid mental grasp of the team's coordinated action for every play, and each player's specific role in those plays.


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