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      October Student Page      

      Concept, Composition, Confidence, Contrast, Color Harmony, Character, Courage      
      By Dan Bartges      
      Assignment 2 In A Series Of 10: COMPOSITION      


      Dan Bartges. Deep in the Forest. Oil on canvas; 60" x 35".      
      William H. Johnson (American; 1901–1970). Sowing, ca. 1940. Oil on burlap; 38.5" x 45.75". Smithsonian American Art Museum. Gift of the Harmon Foundation.      

Answers to October's Student Questions:

1Q In William H. Johnson's painting Sowing, in what way is the farmer's plow similar to his wife's seed pouch?

1A The plow and pouch are similar in shape and in size.

2Q Briefly explain what is meant by a painting's "composition."

2A A painting's composition is the way its major components are arranged on the canvas. It's the overall design of the painting.

3Q How is a successful building similar to a successful painting?

3A Both are carefully designed to be visually appealing and functional.


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