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      Color expert Dan Bartges is author of the book, "Color is Everything"
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      Assignment 8 In A Series Of 10      
      Francisco Goya (Spanish; 1746–1828). General Nicolas Philippe Guye, 1810. Oil on canvas; 41.75" x 33.375". Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, Richmond. Gift of John Lee Pratt. Photograph: Ron Jennings. © Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.      
      Color Scheme: Complementary      
      Dan Bartges. Ten Grapes. Oil.      
      Color Scheme: Complementary      

Q1 What color scheme did Francisco Goya use for his painting, General Nicolas Philippe Guye?

A1 He used a split complementary color scheme—blue, yellow-orange and red-orange, the same scheme of colors seen in Ten Grapes. It is sometimes liberating to remind oneself that within each of the six color schemes, there are virtually endless possibilities for all kinds of artwork!

Q2 What is the color scheme for Ten Grapes?

A2 I used a split complementary color scheme of blue with yellow-orange and red-orange.

Q3 In the painting, Ten Grapes, if the tabletop were painted orange instead of blue, what would the color scheme be?

A3 Analogous, spanning yellow-orange, orange and red-orange.


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