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Arts & Activities offers its advertisers:

> 100% ABC-audited PAID circulation
> 10 issues a year—more than any other art education magazine
> Editorial backing
> Shop Talk: Product news
> Media Reviews: Videos, DVDs, CD-ROMs and Books
> Two Buyer’s Guides: January and June/Summer issues
> Bonus Digital Edition circulation

editorial focus: BACK TO SCHOOL
advertising highlights: Start the school year by being in the issue thousands of art teachers use to prepare their classrooms and lesson plans for new students.

advertising closing date: July 09

editorial focus: PAPER AND COLLAGE
advertising highlights: Join our new section as we Focus on Fundraising. Plus, Clay Corner ad section gives emphasis to ceramics-related products and services. Don't miss this issue, with it's bonus circulation at state art-education association conferences.

advertising closing date: August 06


editorial focus: PRINTMAKING
advertising highlights: Be part of our exciting Advertiser Lesson Plan section. And, if you want readers to find you online, reserve your spot now in the Web Connect Showcase.

advertising closing date: September 09


editorial focus: TEXTURE AND MIXED MEDIA
advertising highlights: Professional Development/Education Directory highlights learning opportunities at all levels. Promote your catalog and/or products in our Marketplace section. Promote your clay-related products/services in Clay Corner. 30% discount on all school/workshop ads.

advertising closing date: October 08


editorial focus: ART AND APPRECIATION
advertising highlight: Educators use and keep our 2015 Buyer's Guide issue for reference as they purchase supplies, equipment, services and more. Catch their eye by placing your ad in this important resource.

advertising closing date: November 03


editorial focus: CERAMICS AND CLAY
advertising highlights: Clay Corner provides your ceramics-related ads maximum visibility. Make sure our readers know what you offer online by advertising in our Web Connect Showcase.

advertising closing date: December 01


editorial focus: DRAWING AND COLOR MEDIA
advertising highlights: An ad in our Schools and Summer Workshops section helps readers make your school, programs and workshops part of their summer. And, there's a 30% discount on all school/workshop ads!

advertising closing date: January 06


advertising highlights: Be sure your ad is in the 2015 NAEA Convention Issue
with bonus distribution at the event in New Orleans, Louisiana. An ad in our Web Connect Showcase helps our readers find your products and specials online.

advertising closing date: February 02


editorial focus: DIMENSIONAL ART
advertising highlight: Our Marketplace is where you need to be to promote your products and services to our readers.

advertising closing date: February 26


editorial focus: SUMMER IDEAS
advertising highlights: Readers use our Summer Buyer's Guide as they place orders for fall—be sure they see your ad in this issue! Clay Corner highlights ceramics ads.

advertising closing date: April 09


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