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    Arts & Activities magazine in partnership with Crystal Productions
presents the following art-lesson video segments
    Wire Sculpture
>>click here to view<<
  Amazing Watercolors
>>click here to view<<
    Creating With Crayons
>>click here to view<<
  Ceramics Handbuilding: Slab Construction
>>click here to view<<
    "Printmaking: Basic Techniques" with
educator Peggy Flores. Duration 04:11

>>click here to view<<
  "Creating Cultural Art" with Peggy Flores.
Duration 04:15

>>click here to view<<
    "Threads Of Tradition - Hispanic Culture"
Duration 04:07

>>click here to view<<
  "Exploring Color: Creating Color Wheels
and Using Color Schemes" with educator
Peggy Flores. Duration 03:12

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    "Tissue Paper Creations" with
educator Peggy Flores. Duration: 03:59

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    Check back for more video projects from Crystal Productions      

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