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April 2013

      AA April 13 cover    

Additional Links:


Watercolor Tales (page 16)

For an excellent explanation and demonstration of the “Goof-off” image-transfer process, watch this video:


Clip & Save Art Print: Saint George and the Dragon (page 19)

For more information about dragons, visit these sites:

For a bit of background, have your high-school students read this information about Saint George:

Share the following films adaptations of the popular Christian myth of Saint George and the Dragon:



Action Collages (page 26)

Here are links to the Jackson Pollock paintings mentioned in this article:

“Number 3, 1949: Tiger” (1949)

“Cathedral” (1947)

“Number 1, 1950 (Lavender Mist)” (1950)

“Eyes in the Heat” (1946)



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