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March 2013

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Clip & Save Art Print, Mythology in Art: "Raven Transformation Mask" (page 23)

“What Masks Reveal,” is a middle-school level unit from EDSITEment, an
education offering from the National Endowment for the Humanities:

To see different views of the mask featured as this month’s Art Print,closed,

Brief demonstration of a transformation mask opening:

View a video of a transformation dance:

This Web page might serve as inspiration before students create their own mask
depicting the animal of their choice:

Video from Pitt Rivers Museum project, wherein Haida delegates share
information about Haida culture. Discussion of the Raven Transformation Mask
begins at 23:34:

Learn more about the Haida culture:

Learn more about Raven:

Learn more about the concept of transformation as a fundamental belief of
Native Northwest Coast Indians:



Inspired by Sarah Morris   (page 30-31)

Web pages related to this article:

View “Robert Towne” by Sarah Morris:
(Browse by "Artist or Title" for "Sarah Morris")

View other work by artist Sarah Morris:



1 Lesson + 3 Objectives = Huge Success  (page 32-33)

Web pages related to this article:

View image of "Portrait of Igor Stravinsky," by Pablo Picasso:






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