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January 2013

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In "The Mosque Project" (Jan. 2013 issue), an error appears on page 21 in the far right-hand column, first full paragraph. In the following corrected paragraph, please note that it is photos that are passed to the right, not drawings. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

The children were so intrigued with the pictures and
drawing their selections, they moaned and groaned
when, after 5 minutes, they were instructed to pass the
photos to the person on their right. This process continued,
as the drawings became more elaborate and creative.

The full, corrected article can be accessed at this link:



SENS-ational Art (page 19)

Download a grid diagram showing dimensions and placement of Bristol board.
>> Click Here



Maori-Inspired Masks   (page 22)

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Clip & Save Art Print, Mythology in Art: "Rangi"  (page 23)

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Vejigante!   (page 32)

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Video of Carnaval de Ponce Parade:

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"Hugo" — This fun piece of animation would be a great way to kick off the project. Caution: Please be advised there is a 10-second scene with apparent alcohol consumption between 1:30 and 1:40 minutes:



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